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The Double Standards Society Has Set

Okay so I’m pretty sure we’ve all heard the Miley Cyrus vs. Selena Gomez comparisons and the whole “Miley is a slut” “Learn from Selena” comments, right?

Clearly, if Miley dress/does one thing, she’s gonna get called a slut. If Selena does the same the thing and dresses the same way, she gets called “sexy” “classy” “mature” etc.

We Can’t Stop vs. Spring Breakers is the best example I’m gonna set here. Spring Breakers; a terrible movie about sex, drugs, and partying which also stars four main girls, one of them being Selena. We Can’t Stop a video by Miley Cyrus singing about doing whatever she wants and acting crazy at a party.

Which one seems more… hmm… “R-rated” if you wanna put it that way? Obviously Spring Breakers since the entire movie is literally naked girls. 

Look at these stills

Selena in Spring Breakers


Miley in We Can’t Stop


Practically the same thing right? Ya know including the fact that Miley is actually covered more.

Another example:

Selena on tour:


Miley on tour:


Who gets called trashy, a slut and etc? Miley.

Why? is my question. 

I think Miley gets called a slut because people are envious of her because she’s actually sexy and doesn’t really have the body of a 11 year old boy like some people.

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