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I have a couple points to talk about

Regarding this post.

Okay so of course the delusionators- sorry, I mean Selenators, came up with the most pathetic and stupidest excuses to defend Selena (Gomez, if you don’t know who she is).

  • “oh you want thoughts you know what my thoughts are SELENA WAS A C T I N G MILEY WAS BEING HER GODDAMN SELF SELENA WAS IN” -slowddown

I guess she never got to continue? I think she deleted it but her comment still comes whether you deleted or not. Anyways, lets discuss this. So you’re telling me that filming a movie and filming a music video is different because what exactly? And whether it’s acting or not, they both still did it. And what you’re basically saying is that you’d rather have your fave not be herself to please your ignorant ass because if not, she’s a slut? Wow the delusion is real. 

  • “you are such a dork ass. get a life. get your facts right, before you post something. and it’s a differene if someone’s 17 or 20!” -dolwithsel

I’m pretty sure my facts are straight and I’m also pretty sure that Spring Breakers and We Can’t Stop were filmed when Selena and Miley were both around the age of 20 so this comment is a comment coming from hate and bitterness because you’re mad that I’m right. Again, the delusion is real. 

  • “u r a dumb bitch gtfo” -perfectly-jelenaa 

Lol girl, you think Jelena is perfect so I’m not even gonna bother with you. But my question is how am I dumb? Everything I said was true and you remain bothered oop :X

  • “my thoughts are that you’re a cunt” -slowsdowns

No you’re just bitter that I’m proving everything that’s wrong with your fave that you don’t wanna hear. Stay bitter <3

Basically this post proves that Selenators are just a punch of bitter flops. Anyways, talk to me on Twitter and 

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