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Selena Gomez on GMA 2013.

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Okay first thing we’re gonna discuss here, is her performance. Selena performed three songs, Come & Get It, Slow Down, & Birthday. Out of the three songs, she only sang one and lip synced the other two. Like usual, performing Come & Get It live, sucked. She sucked less than most of her performances because she wasn’t dancing. Then comes the amateur dance for Slow Down & the Birthday dance that seemed to be choreographed by a 9 year old. Along with her outfit that was basically a Alicia Keys rip off, Selena tried to be an entertainer and failed like always. Someone should point her to the nearest dance lessons because what she’s doing on stage is just radiating off embarrassment.

Moving on to her interview where of course they mention the one and only, Justin Bieber, aka the person who is still allowing Selena’s career not to disappear into the depths of hell. Selena then goes on to talk about how “she cares about him” and the “history” between them and I’m just looking at her like… the fuck? If you sincerely did care about him, you wouldn’t stoop so low to leak the weed pictures and shade him every chance you got. 

Love how Selena is still milking that breakup in desperate need to help her album which debuted at #1 only failing to sell 100k. I mean other artists like ex friend, Demi Lovato, debuted #3 on Billboard but actually passed 100k in sales (110k to be exact) even though she doesn’t have a very famous boyfriend to help her or a label that actually cares. Regardless, congrats to Selena for finally achieving a #1 album almost 7 years into her career!

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