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Welcome to the first ever exposing blog. We publish inside information about celebrities and the industry. We write about pop culture news, have Tell Alls, have conspiracy theories, and more! Enjoy the tea.

About Us

The past two months, we have gained a larger audience so quickly. We want to take a moment to tell you what this blog is about. 

Who are we?

This is probably the most asked question. We are Angela and Alana. Our veteran readers already know that. We are sisters with some great sources and a similar interest in how the entertainment industry unfolds. 

What does ExposingSMG stand for?

Exposing Selena Marie Gomez. 

This blog was first inspired by Selena Gomez. We have many sources who are willing to provide us with reliable information on many different celebrities, including Selena Gomez. However, she is not the only topic on this blog. She is the most popular and important one, but not the only one. 

What is this blog about?

Of course we want to entertain you all with providing reliable information on many different celebrities. We don’t want the information we provide to you to be taken out of context and translate into a hate page. This is not a hate page. We simply have resources in the industry and we want to share that with all of our loyal readers. That’s the entertainment part of it. 

Besides uncovering the truth on celebrities, we want to educate you on matters that involve publicity, damage control, contracts, stunts, planned events and overall how the media works. This is not only limited to Hollywood in general and we may bring up topics that involve politics. 

We are not an update blog and we are not forced to provide any information if we don’t want to. We have many different types of posts for your enjoyment and you can find all the topics listed under the Navigation page. 

What are the goals of ExposingSMG?

We hope that all of our readers leave this blog with a better understanding of this industry. The reason we chose Selena Gomez as our “muse” for this blog is because we feel that she sets a great example of how someone is manufactured in the entertainment industry. That and also the fact that our sources know the most about Gomez. 

We care a lot about our readers and try to interact with them as much because in the end, we post because you want us too. 





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