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Translated versions of this blog

As you all know, we have such loyal readers. Some of our loyal readers took time out of their day to translate this blog. Check them out down below. 

1. Portuguese version -


2. Polish version -


3. Spanish version -





4. Greek version

5. Serbian version

Thank you guys so much for this! It means a lot. If you need any help or have any questions, you always know that you can come to me on twitter. 

If you’d like to translate this blog, you 100% have my permission. Just tell me so I can add it here and share it with the rest of the readers. If you’d like to translate a blog that’s already been translated, you can do that as well. Who knows? Maybe readers will prefer one over the other!






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Selena Gomez once again steals credit for writing songs that she did not write. (She lied about writing Feel Me!)

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