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August Tell All Revealed

Ah yes it’s that time of month. 


Earlier this month, we gave you 15 different secrets about 15 different celebrities.

It’s time to reveal some. 

Number Three


Well known actress: Chloe Grace Moretz

“I was born into fame” boyfriend: Brooklyn Beckham 

Hint: Brooklyn Beckham was born into fame due to his famous parents. His dad was a professional football player and his mom was Posh Spice from the widely famous girl group, the Spice Girls. Another hint was the picture of Khloe Kardashian. 1. They have the same name, just spelled differently . 2. Khloe was photographed in New York City which one of the boroughs are Brooklyn and 3. Chloe and Khloe recently had some sort of argument on Twitter due to the Taylor Swift drama. 


When you guys requested to have Chloe Grace Moretz be included in the tell all, we reached out to a certain friend that spilled some secrets. She said that Chloe is a nice person overall, based on her experience with her. However, she is cheating on Brooklyn in order to hook up with guys that wouldn’t exactly suit her image. No Brooklyn does not know. 


Poor guy. 

Number Four


Kind of well known pop star = Becky G 

Other kind of well known pop star = Austin Mahone

Hints: “G6″ aka Becky G

Ah yes, another fallen couple. 


Austin and Becky had a lowkey tragic breakup with some drama. You know those friends Becky was telling them about Austin? Yeah, that’s how we know. We don’t know if there was any cheating involved. We just know that after they broke up, Austin wanted to piss off Becky and he sent her a picture with him with other girls. Our source doesn’t know what the picture was of but it was probably intimate in someway considering how Becky reacted. Fuck boy move? Yeah. Is he one though? Hm, we’re not too sure. 

Number Five


Well known married celebrity couple = Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds 

Hints: “Well known and younger wife” Blake Lively is 11 years younger than Ryan. Your other hint was the picture of someone gossiping hence Blake’s popular TV show “Gossip Girl.”


We were sad to hear this about this couple since we actually ship them together a lot! They look perfect and like a match made in heaven. Ryan and Blake started dating in 2011 and then moved in together and proceeded to get married in 2012. 

Blake’s last movie was in 2012 and it was filmed and released before she married Ryan. It was called Savages. Gossip Girl also ended in 2012. When was Blake’s next role? The Age of Adaline…. in 2015. 

We were told that the reason for her hiatus from the entertainment world was because of her husband, Ryan. He didn’t want her to work at some point and she was very upset about it. Seems like he came around because she ended up coming back stronger than ever for her amazing movie Age of Adaline and then proceeded it with 3 more movies. Hopefully that was the only issue in their relationship. 

Number Seven 


Well known host = Jimmy Fallon

Hints: “funny interviews” and the picture of the city during the night emphasizes his show “The Tonight Show.” 


Most of you got this one correct because we told you that he has a drinking problem. To anyone who keeps up with him, knows this isn’t new because he’s always hurting himself due to his excessive drinking. 


Drinking isn’t his only problem. We are told that he also cheated on his wife. Around that time, they were reported to be getting a divorce as well. She knows and she also knows that he’s incredibly sorry. Maybe he was drinking? We don’t know. We just wish him the best since he seems like a nice guy. 

Number Nine


Well known radio host = Ryan Seacrest 

Hints: “well known radio host” what other radio host do you know besides the one that your faves run to when they promote their new song? Your other hint was from the CREST toothpaste. Ryan SeaCREST. 


Our source sent this in a long time ago and then my sister Alana got a new phone and those messages were lost. We don’t remember who the irrelevant girlfriend is. We just know that she wanted some attention since she was dating him and he called his paparazzi that he has on speed dial and told them to follow her around and take pictures of her. Yes this does happen often in the entertainment industry. 

Number Ten


The innocent church girl who Miley Cyrus got bashed for not being like her = Hilary Duff

Hints: Besides the description, Hilary has an album titled Most Wanted and a song called Chasing The Sun. I really don’t know why many of you thought this was Ariana Grande. 


Hilary Duff is a good person and my childhood obsession. Like the average teenager, she liked to party and make out with some guys as we told you. She did a really good job at keeping her image vanilla clean though. We still love her. 

Number Twelve 


Well known pop star with with the mainstream hits = Meghan Trainor 

Hints: The picture says “Title” hence her 2015 album name. 


If someone asked me to name an extremely mainstream artist, I would say it’s Meghan. She comes out with songs that are catchy and made just for radio. It’s catchy for the first week and shitty for the rest. She knows that, but she also knows what will sell and she’s conforming to that. Kind of like Fifth Harmony. 

Number Thirteen 


This is a special moment. This will be the first time we officially reveal this person in a Tell All. We used to not to because of her psycho team, but we own exposingsmg now. If you haven’t noticed, it’s 

Singer with the new brand of being a reptile = Taylor Swift

Model Bestie = Karlie Kloss 

Hints: “new brand of being a reptile” + the snake emjoi. Everyone has been calling Taylor a snake since she got caught lying about the whole Kanye situation during the latest “snapchat” events. 


Taylor is insane when it comes to controlling her life. She is the person to have a breakdown if a publicity stunt doesn’t go the way she wants it to go or even when she only controls 97% of her life as opposed to 100%. That’s exactly what happened with Taylor and Karlie. Karlie spilled some not-so-scandalous secret to another one of Taylor’s besties and Taylor freaked out and completely shut her out from her life. 


Since we are on the topic of Karlie and Taylor, we already told you in our June Tell All that Taylor is indeed bi-curious. Keep that in mind for one of our big upcoming posts.

Number Fourteen


One time viral star = Rebecca Black

Hints: The calendar hence her song Friday. 


Basically, Rebecca hates the fact that the majority of anyone who knows the name “Rebecca Black” knows her for her viral song in 2011, Friday. Mention it in front of her and expect her to flip out. One time, she even said that she’s known for other things and people should recognize her for that as opposed for her song. Well Rebecca, it’s not like those other things are even mildly popular. Apparently she’s a youtuber. 

Number Fifteen 


Pretty TV actress = Ashley Benson 

Hints: “pretty” hence her show Pretty Little Liars. In the picture, she’s dressed as a schoolgirl who’s stealing donuts. Anyone who watches Pretty Little Liars knows that Hanna Marin (Ashley’s character) used to shoplift in the beginning when she was in high school. The donuts also symbolize what Alison used to taunt her with in the show because she was “fat” at one point. Remember, Hefty Hanna? If you don’t watch Pretty Little Liars, you wouldn’t have guessed this. Many people thought this one was Ariana Grande and I was confused until I noticed the donuts in the picture.


We already told you before that Ashley Benson did cocaine as the rest of Hollywood does. We had a post on how she actually got Selena Gomez into it while filming Spring Breakers. 


You could read that here:

However, Ashley is not your average messy celebrity. Like yeah she does her share of cocaine but she’s not a mess. She doesn’t sleep around for roles. People usually respect her. She’s not someone that guys would be like “yeah I hit that once.” As far as we know, she’s a pretty well grounded person. You go, Ashley! 


So that’s all for the August Reveal! We hope you enjoyed!


Disclaimer: All information came from many different reliable sources who we talk to personally. If you use our information, credit us. No none of this is from Blind Gossip. We do not read Blind Gossip. 





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