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Reviews by ExposingSMG: Last Year Was Complicated


I just realized that my poster for my reviews looks kind of evil. 

So this is Nick Jonas’ latest album. I personally have always adored the Jonas Brothers and specifically Nick’s voice. Nick has always had a very unique and mesmerizing voice and I haven’t heard much of his solo stuff besides his singles, so let’s see what this album is all about. 

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1. Voodoo 

As soon as this song starts, a catchy beat drops. The chorus is so catchy and fun. It’s such a great way to start an album.



2. Champagne Problems 

This song starts off kind of slow with a subtle beat and Nick’s voice that’s really emphasized and then it hits in some electric beat and then the chorus starts and it’s already amazing. This is a dance song but not a shitty overproduced dance song. It’s already one of my favorites on the album. 

3. Close feat. Tove Lo

The first time I heard this song, I automatically fell in love with it. It has such a nice beat and Nick and Tove’s voices really match. I adore the meaning of this song. 


4. Chainsaw 

This song gives me Jonas Brothers feels for some odd reason. This song gives me a nostalgic vibe of the good old days. It’s very catchy and I feel like it’s a combination of his songs Jealous and Chains. 

5. Touch

The acoustic guitar starts off this song and I kid you not, this is another nostalgic song in my opinion. If your music can remind me of good times, then you know you did your job. This is such a feel good song and it’s the type you have playing during a summer bbq. The entire song is mainly the acoustic guitar and Nick’s voice along with a nice beat in the background. I love it. 

6. Bacon feat. Ty Dolla Sign 

This is such a hoe song. I love it. It’s so catchy and the beat is poppin. This would be lit if it played in a club.

throw some bacon on it


7. Good Girls feat. Big Sean

I love the production of this song. You know when artists overuse production and no longer sound like themselves? Yeah this is not the case. In the beginning, Nick’s voice is like tuned in a way that makes the song unique and I adore it. Big Sean is always a great addition. He just makes the song. 

8. The Difference 

This is a very sexy song. It has a great beat too. All the songs so far have a nice beat yet they all sound different as opposed to the same recycled crap. Nick is doing good. 

i’ll show you the difference baybay 


9. Don’t Make Me Choose

I love the chorus of this song. It’s so…. different. Lyrically, it’s also a great song. I fee like all these songs tell a story about a relationship. This is definitely a great love song. It’s not the type you booty pop to. It’s more of a sway your hips kind of song. 

don’t make me chooooooseee


10. Under You

This is a nice song but it’s not really my cup of tea. It’s very catchy but at the same time kind of annoying. Also I’m very confused to what he’s saying at the bridge. I also tend to forget this song. 

11. Unhinged 

This is such a beautiful slow song. Nick’s voice is so captivating. The tortured soul thing really suits him. 


12. Comfortable

I hate how this song starts because I feel like 4 Nicks are yelling at me and then the music starts and I’m like no no. But then the verse hits and everything calms down and I’m like o okay I could like this. However, I don’t really like the chorus. It sounds like a 2012 recycled dance song. So many things are going on, I feel like I’m getting a headache. 


13. Testify

This is on the Target Deluxe version.

This is an okay song. It has a repetitive beat. I feel like I’d like the song if the production was different. 

14. When We Get Home feat. Daniella Mason

This is on the Target Deluxe version.

I love the entire feel of the song. It gives you that coming back from a road trip type of feeling. I like it and Daniella’s voice echoing Nick’s during the chorus adds a nice touch. 

15. That’s What They All Say

This is on the Target Deluxe version.

This song is quite unique especially its production. I like it. For some reason it reminds me of a 90s song. It just puts me in a 90s feel. 


Writing Credits

Out of 15 songs, Nick co-wrote 13 songs! Wow. 


Lead Single Performance


Nick and Tove Lo performed at the 2016 Billboard Awards. They both sounded great in my opinion, but the performance was kind of boring. It lacked intimacy and I feel like that’s what the entire song is about. It’s a very intimate song. Even though they portrayed the whole “scared of getting close” thing well in the beginning, the rest of the song was as if they weren’t even performing together. They really don’t have any chemistry. The production was terrible. They were both wearing black and they were on a black stage with barely any production. It looked like a talent show stage. The mirror was kind of creative but again, kind of boring. 


Nick looked great at the Billboard awards though. He looks like a rich man out on a Sunday morning for some brunch. 

Performance: 2.5 out of 5 stars

PR or Damage Control

Nick has not suffered any scandals nor any recent drama. 


He pretty much has a clean and steady image which is not something many people can say they have. There’s not much publicity that he’s been involved in lately. You can argue that Nick and Demi Lovato are getting publicity on their own, but that’s because they’re really good friends as far as I know. It’s not like they were forced to work together. So far it all looks good. Good for you, Nick. 


Final thoughts: I actually love this album. It delivered excellent bops. I was hoping he would share a little bit more ballads since his voice is truly memorizing when it comes to slow songs, but he only had like one or two slow-ish songs. However, he brought some great songs to the table so I’m not going to complain. 

4 out of 5 stars. 





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