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Sofia Richie insults Hailey Baldwin? A failed publicity stunt is upon us.

If you all read last night’s post which you can find here:, we talked about how Sofia Richie and Justin’s Bieber’s recent hangouts point to…. yell it with me… PUBLICITY STUNT! 


We haven’t gotten official confirmation that there was a signed contract between the duo, but I mean it’s kind of obvious. You just started hanging out and you’re all of the sudden acting like you’re dating? Something is not adding up here. And no, not just Sofia’s age. 

What Sofia Richie has been pulling on social media has been kind of odd. Check it out. 


We all know the drama and tension between Justin and Hailey so why is she adding more to it? 

And if you’re asking if the screenshots are real, well I would assume so since there are two different ones and with a different time stamp. Plus the person who owns the account has her comment in the bio and they’re not a Hailey hate account so why would they possibly fake a comment that’s negative about their fave? The comment seems real. 


The comment is also very petty and asking for hate. Like you can’t just publicly say that?

Why am I almost 100% positive that Sofia and Justin are PR? Well like I said, you don’t randomly pop out of nowhere and start dating a person you just met. Sure Sofia looks stupid now on social media, but no one will remember any of that. What will they remember though? They will remember her name. 

So is it part of Justin and Sofia’s rumored publicity stunt or is Sofia Richie very petty? I mean we all know how she broke up that couple that I spoke about it in last night’s post. 

The drama continues. 





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