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This is the first album I heard by Little Mix. Before this review, I already heard their songs Wings, Black Magic, and Secret Love Song. I remember watching them at the Brits this year (I’m shook), but I’ll get to the lead single performance later on. I was really excited to review this album. Let’s start!


1. Black Magic

This is the lead single and in my opinion, one of the best pop songs ever released. It wasn’t too bubblegum pop. It was more pop royalty. It’s a very catchy song and it had a very nostalgic vibe too. It reminded me of good pop music back in the day. 

all the girls on the block knocking on ma door wanna know what it is make the boys want more 


2. Love Me Like You

This song is actually so cute and reminds me of Christmas. It’s such a feel good song and it automatically puts me in a good mood. It’s also lowkey dirty 

sha lala sha lala sha lala shalala ooo ooo 


3. Weird People

When I first heard this, I was like okay what’s going on, but it’s such a cute and fun song! I didn’t know I needed this song until I heard it. It gives off such a 90s vibe. I hope they performed this live because I wanna see how it is live. 

ain’t no uptight sucker gonna tell me how to live my life!

4. Secret Love Song feat. Jason Derulo 

One of you guys requested I listen to this song and I first saw the live version at Capital FM’s Summertime Ball and I’m so shook. It’s such a beautiful love song and how were you guys not gonna tell me about their live vocals? 

5. Hair feat. Sean Paul

DIS IS A BOP. Look up bop online and you’re going to see this song. This is one of the catchiest songs I’ve heard. The beat is poppin. It’s not too repetitive. I can’t get sick of this song. It almost makes me want to go through a breakup so I can bop to this song. And Sean Paul’s part is just the perfect touch! His part is definitely meant for booty poppin. It’s such a great song that makes you feel so confident and happy like I’m truly shook. Pop music is shook. 


yo dance moves are lit, what video is this

6. Grown

ANOTHER ONE. Another bop, I can’t believe it. I love the message of this song and the song itself is like something I’ve never heard before yet it’s already pop royalty in my mind. 

can’t get with me now im gROWN 


7. I Love You

I thought this song was kind of boring at first but then I heard it for the second time and I’m honestly captivated. It’s such a beautiful love song and again, lowkey wish I was going through a breakup to cry to this song….. okay I’m just kidding. But truly, honestly, a masterpiece. 


8. OMG

This is such a generic song that would totally go #1 on pop radio because it’s like made for pop radio and you know how I feel about radio songs, but yet I love it? It’s like mainstream but not too mainstream. It’s so catchy and fun and sassy and overall amazing like this is type of song you hold your weave to it in fear of it being snatched off. 

oh ma gawd i did it again

9. Lightning 

This is the song that caught my attention while I was having this album playing in the background on my first listen while cleaning my room. HOW, HOW did none of you warn me about the beat drop? You know I’m not too fond of beat drops, but only when they’re unnecessary but this beat drop, is on a different level. I wanna say I’m speechless but I’m not. The high notes on this song got me screaming in 13 different languages. I also think they chant some latin shit too during the bridge and I’m honestly so confused as to why I didn’t hear this song sooner. I’m literally SHOOK. You know what shook means? Shook means this song. 



10. A.D.I.D.A.S.

This song is so sexual omg. Nothing wrong with that. It’s a very sexy and flirty song. It would be perfect to play in the soundtrack of a PG-13 movie with it playing in the background of a girl day dreaming about her crush. Also, one of the girls are rapping and I’m in love with her.

all day i dream about shh with you


11. Love Me Or Leave Me

This is one of the best ballads, no not just on this album, but of all time. The vocals and emotion that’s poured into this song is too much to handle. It’s such a beautiful song and definitely my favorite ballad on this album and probably one of my top tens of all time. 


12.  The End

I find this song kind of boring, but nonetheless it’s still very beautiful and ties into the album perfectly. And their vocals…. omg. Breathtaking. 

13. I Won’t

I feel like this is a great pop song with inspirational lyrics, but I got bored of it way too quick. It’s a good song, but not my cup of tea. 

14. Secret Love Song, Pt. II

This is basically Secret Love Song without Jason. I already told you how much I adore Secret Love Song and this song is just as good even without Jason in it. I feel like without Jason, this is like a gay pride anthem. 

15. Clued Up

For some odd reason I keep forgetting this song.  I don’t like it that much, but I like the “c-c-clued up” part even though I don’t know what they’re talking about. 

16. The Beginning 

This song is so cute. I believe it’s about the band and how they started off and now they’re like inseparable. It’s such a cute song and let me not get started on the vocals on this song. They’re girl group goals. If I was in a girl group, I’d want to have the relationship they have with each other. 


Writing Credits

Out of 16 songs, the Little Mix girls co-wrote 7 songs. Okay not too bad. 


Lead Single Performance

Little Mix performed Black Magic at the 2016 Brit Awards. 


I believe this was the first performance I saw of Little Mix and I swear to you, my edges are still recovering. I can not believe this performance is real. The amount of excellence I see executed in this performance is unreal to me. The fact that their mics are completely on really impressed me. Usually, the artist’s mic is not fully on; like it would be a percentage on and the other percentage would be the backtrack but not in this case. Not only were they singing live but they literally sounded amazing. I have no complaints with their singing. They hit every note and truly snatched me. On top of that, they had some hard choreography going on. It wasn’t like America’s best dancing type level but it was pretty difficult to pull off while singing live. Their choreography was so good and they were so in-synch like honestly today’s pop girls could only wish to match 10% of this live performance. The break down, OH LORD. That’s how you break it down! It was unbelievably amazing. It was kind of unpredictable too so they had me on the edge of my seat, waiting to see what else they would pull off. On top of that, their outfits were so pretty and unique. They all matched and yet everyone shined in a unique way. They had the crowd up and bopping. I think that this performance is one of the best that I’ve ever seen and truth be told, it’s better than any performance I’ve seen from my own fave artists. 


I loved the stage setup. I watched this performance like 5 times. 


I am just now seeing this! Oh my god they’re all very pretty and I love their outfits. 

Performance: 5 out of 5 stars

PR or Damage Control

None of the Little Mix girls have suffered any sort of scandal so clearly there was no damage control taken. Even with the Zayn breakup, I didn’t hear much about that so that was good. Good for them. 


On top of that, we know some things about Zayn and Perrie’s relationship but we will stay mute right now. Based on all we know, we heard that the Little Mix girls are all genuine and nice girls so it’s great to see that. They all seem very lovely and after this review is up, I’m stalking their discography because I am impressed by them. 


Final thoughts: I am very impressed by this album. This is the first time I officially check out Little Mix and I am beyond impressed. This album delivered great pop songs that sounded new and fresh. At the same time, they were still able to deliver beautiful ballads as well as incorporate a kind of 90s feel. I think that’s what they were going for with this album. The entire album is honestly amazing. I heard they have other albums so I hope they’re as amazing as this was because they have gained a new fan and yes Get Weird is getting my coins. 

5 out of 5 stars. 






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