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Mistakes in the Last Jofia Post.

So last night I posted the big Jofia post that you guys have been waiting for. Read it here:

Anyone who read that post probably realised that there were a lot of mistakes (or not because none of you even told me), but if so, I apologize. Any veteran reader knows that I usually don’t write like I just graduated the second grade. While realizing this late that night, I also realized that not only were some things miswritten, but I also wrote some things when it was completely the opposite. 

Firstly, I’d like to explain myself. If you guys don’t know already, we have an amazing Portuguese reader who owns the Portuguese version of this blog. For as long as I can remember, she has been translating this blog daily. Follow her here:

Everytime I come to write a post, Google chrome is like attempting to translate the portuguese version that’s on my dash to English. When annoyingly doing so, it “corrects” the post I’m working on and writes the most random shit. 

Example A: 


Casual fri? I don’t even know. I meant to say casual sex. 

Example B:


“Justin is unpredictable but at the same predictable TEAM.” I don’t even know what chrome was thinking. 

Example C:


“…all he wants but he Suffers When another scandal..” Apparently translating portuguese means switching around the correct English I already wrote. 

One thing I realized that I said that got switched to the complete opposite was the following: 


THERE IS NO PR. THERE IS NO BUSINESS DEAL. If you read the previous Jofia post before that one, you would have known. And yet no one asked me about anything.. hm maybe you read the correct version before chrome fucked up. 

You get the point. 

I usually write my posts in drafts to avoid this which just recently started happening but the second I was about to post that Jofia post, I decided to change its title and opened it on my dash and that’s when chrome decided to be annoying. 

Okay this was longer than I expected. Sorry. 

If you didn’t hear already, Justin reactivated his instagram as we told you he would. 


Also, we will be having another Jofia post because there’s some interesting info we recently got told. 


Okay see you then.

*fast forward 2 minutes after writing the entire top*

Omg, I literally just remembered the Ariana post I was supposed to have up last night. I can’t… that literally flew past my mind. I’m sorry. Tonight it will be posted. Yikes, I am a mess. 

Okay bye. 






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