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Exposed: Ariana Grande (More on her as a person, Jai Brooks, PR deals, and etc!)

Once again, I’m very sorry that I delayed this post along with the Get Weird and Confident reviews. We kind of got backtracked by Jelena’s recent shenanigans and we posted a lot about that so forgive us. 

Disclaimer: I believe this is the first Ariana based post on this blog. For those of you who don’t know, we love and stan Ariana. We know some things and we will clarify everything for you. All information in this post is from a reliable source. Read at your own cost. 

A. Ariana as a person 


I’m sure we have all heard the rumors that Ariana is a bitch or a diva and etc. I’ll address all of those in a moment, but here a some things you should know about Ariana. 

Ariana is VERY insecure. She will have breakdowns if she’s shot a certain way. She will flip out on you if you take photos without her knowledge. Her team sat her down and advised her of this behavior because it gave her a bad reputation. The whole Ariana likes to be photographed from one side only is true. She thinks the other side of her face is unattractive and whatnot. This behavior has caused people at shoots not to like working with her. There has been several times of Ariana throwing a fit backstage at a photoshoot. On top of that, she would have to check every single photo she took and request the “ugly” ones to be deleted. 


I mean look at that occasion. Ariana was at the KCAs and the paparazzi were doing their job and taking photos. After they were done taking photos of her, she went up to one of them to see the photos they took. If she does that in public, why won’t you believe she wouldn’t do it at photoshoots?


If I’m not mistaken, Ariana’s left side of her face is the side with the dimple. Obviously you’ll come across photos of Ariana’s right side, but most of her photos are taken from the left. Even in photo shoots, interviews, and etc. 


So yeah, she’s a pretty insecure person even though she really shouldn’t.

B. Diva behavior

When Ariana first debuted in the music industry, she quickly rose to the top of the charts. With great success, came great fame. Ariana was your stereotypical industry newbie. The fame was so new and she was a huge A list star and that got to her head. She has certain rules that her bodyguards sometimes have to follow. 

There’s been times where she fired bodyguards if they didn’t follow those rules. One instance is when fans get too close. Some days she has certain rules like fans have to stay a certain amount of feet away from her or the bodyguards will have to deal with an angry Ariana. 


Sometimes Ariana can be a little cocky and demand unnecessary things because she’s Ariana Grande. There was this one time where she wanted a certain room with a certain view with a certain space even though she was going to be doing press all day and just needed that room to sleep in. So yeah, she has very diva-ish demands. 

All of this diva behavior takes place mostly in 2014 because that was kind of Ariana’s year and most successful to date. It was basically Ariana’s first step into Hollywood’s elite. To be honest, I don’t know if Ariana’s diva behavior is still like that today. She definitely does have her demands and diva moments. I mean the whole donut thing happened about a year ago.


Speaking of the donut thing, that moves me onto Ricky, the guy standing next to her and also one of her backup dancers. 

C. Ricky and Ariana


After Ricky and Ariana broke up, everyone wanted us to get the deets on their relationship. We do know a little bit of what went down but if we were to reveal that, many of you would be very confused as we are and we can’t tell you anymore for certain reasons and because we don’t have the full story. I’m not gonna give you ¼th of the story and then deal with a bunch of confused readers. But I do know some things about their relationship. 


For one, Ariana’s team didn’t like them together. They wanted Ariana to be under another contract where she fake dates someone;  also known as PR (public relationship). I’ll get to Ariana’s PRs in one moment. A celebrity’s team’s biggest nightmare are scandals and when a star refuses to comply with a PR relationship. I guess you could say, Ariana’s team went through a lot. 

Knowing this information, you could say that Ariana’s Into You video reflects that. 


Basically, Ariana is with this guy and she’s having so much fun with him and she’s into him. He’s her bodyguard. 


Later on, she’s seen at a big fancy event where she has to be with this other dude that looks like he’s famous like her as opposed to the person who’s working for her, who’s also really into her. 


The fancy dude is kissing and hugging other women and Ariana looks unhappy from the start. 


From the looks of it, the bodyguard represents Ricky and the fancy dude represents the PR relationships that Ariana was unhappy in. 

Watch it here, it’s a bop!


Back to the donut incident, many of her fans were convinced that Ricky was a bad influence and that he made Ariana lick the donuts. Um no. If anything, Ariana was influencing him and he would do whatever she was doing because he’s into her or whatever. Ariana is not innocent and Ricky did a lot for her (obviously not career wise), but I won’t get into that. 

Ariana is the type of person to get what she wants and she can get someone to do things for her as well. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but keep that in mind. 

D. Jai Brooks and Ariana

In our June Tell All, we told you quite a couple of things about Jai and Ariana.


Neither of them are innocent. Based on what we know, I guess you could say they had some sort of an open relationship. As we told you in the Tell All, they would sleep around and experiment with other people. Then, come and discuss the sex together. They wouldn’t just discuss it together only though because obviously it got back to me. 


My source continues and reveals the following. 

When it came to drugs, Jai and Ariana did A LOT of coke. Ariana was into some serious heavy partying when she first came onto the music scene in 2013. 

E. Drugs

I’ve been told that Ariana has done a lot of coke in the past. 

Most of her fans will come at me with two main excuses that I’ve seen before. 

1. Ariana doesn’t do coke, she’s vegan!

I don’t know much about Ariana’s vegan diet, but I do know that she’s been criticized repeatedly for like wearing leather, eating non-vegan donuts, advertising a product that tests on animals, and etc. I don’t care about her vegan diet, but I believe the following is what she was called out for. 


Mac tests on animals. 


The donut shop is not vegan. 


Truthfully, I don’t care whether Ariana is vegan or not. I don’t care if she’s the type of vegan that doesn’t eat meat, but still does things like wears leather and whatever. I don’t care about her vegan diet or whether she’s actually a vegan or not. I’m just saying that her saying she’s vegan doesn’t disprove her doing coke in the past but go off, I guess. I’m not criticizing her vegan diet because I do know she feels really strongly for animals, but just don’t bring the vegan argument up because that’s irrelevant to my point. She could also be the type of vegan that just doesn’t eat animal based things. I don’t know. I just addressed the vegan thing because some asked me recently if her vegan diet is all an act. 

2. Ariana doesn’t party, she’s never seen out of her house!


I will agree that Ariana barely leaves her house nowadays except for work related events, but I’m talking about back in 2013/14 and just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not happening. It’s possible that Ariana does not hang out at all the paparazzi fillied areas. They exist you know. 



I really don’t want to get too off topic, but the Hollywood world is a different world. It’s almost a different planet. I’ll tell you right now, there’s times you’ve seen your faves enter a grocery store, but it really leads to some sort of hidden underground club or party that only the elite can get into. I’m just saying that because you don’t see it happening, doesn’t mean it doesn’t. 

Also, in 2014, Perez Hilton called out Ariana for doing cocaine. Perez is a boring asshole who’s truthly beyond annoying, but he’s a big name in the industry and he usually knows what he’s talking about. 


Also, the people you hung/hang out with usually reflect you. Please don’t tell me you thought Jai Brooks and Big Sean hung around with Ariana and just had tea parties. 

It’s been rumored that Ariana is anorexic, but her vegan diet kind of conceals that. I don’t know anything about her being “anorexic” and I truly doubt she is. However, she does do coke (which is considered vegan btw lol) and one of coke’s speculaties is weight loss. 


Again, not saying it’s not due to her vegan diet, but I’m also not saying that there wasn’t another cause. Truthfully, I don’t know much about her using except that she has done it at parties. 

Once again, just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not happening. i would never have thought that this sweet little gal couldn’t go 30 mins without snorting cocaine, but people can surprise you. 


So I hope we can end this controversial drug topic and move on smoothly to the next topic. Once again, I stan Ariana so I really don’t have a reason to lie about her doing coke. Every celebrity has experimented with cocaine, it’s truly laughable if you think your fave didn’t try it. 

F. Getting around

Ariana is a very sexual person. Nothing is wrong with that, but you know she’s slept with many people that you wouldn’t think she would come near. 

I’ll leave it at that because I don’t want to go more into it. 

G. Scooter Braun 


As you guys now, Scooter is no longer Ariana’s manager. 

The reason for that is because Ariana’s mom convinced Ariana that she could get her a better team and that Scooter wasn’t doing a good enough job with Ariana. 


I don’t know why her mom thought that considering that Scooter gave Ariana the best promotion and made her blow up into an A+ star while under his management. Ariana’s promotion today consists of her tweeting about her album as opposed to actually doing much. I mean her team is great and all, but what Scooter gave her was completely different. 

Moving on.

H. PR contracts

Ariana has done her share of PR in the industry.  The most obvious was Nathan Sykes. 


They promoted their song together and broke up just like that. 

Now, Jai Brooks, Ariana’s first very public boyfriend, said that Ariana cheated on him with Nathan. My take on the whole situation is that Ariana’s team wanted her in a PR quickly and made her breakup with Jai (who was kind of a druggie) or Nathan and Ariana’s work relationship got in the way of her and Jai. Either way, when Nathan was out of the picture, Jai was back in. 


Ariana and Big Sean are speculated to have started out as PR. After all, they did debut their relationship at the VMAs. 


We know some inside stories that disprove that Big Sean and Ariana were PR, but it’s highly likely that they started out on one, dated for a short amount of time, and then their deal/relationship ended. 

This brings me to today.


TMZ published these photos recently. Apparently Mac Miller is doing a remix of Into You. 

I mean… that screams PR and leaked photos by her team. A cliche in Hollywood.  


Justin had nothing to do with breaking up her and Big Sean. Them performing together was another attempt at publicity because they are well liked by the fans. Her team told her not to act too awkward with Justin on stage and to actually SELL the performance; meaning, have chemistry with Justin! 

That’s all for now. 

To summarize: Yes Ariana is a nice person and someone who also has a big heart. She does care for her fans. Sometimes she can be a bit of a diva and I myself like the occasional diva in the industry. You’re probably like, Angela, why do you stan Ariana but hate Selena you hypocritical bitch? Well please don’t compare Ariana and Selena. Selena is a completely different story and quite frankly, she makes Ariana seem like a saint. Ariana can be bitchy and can be a diva. She’s insecure. She has experimented with the cliche world of Hollywood (drugs, excessive sex, and etc), and has done her share of PR. The end. 

The only other Ariana post I’ve had on here was my Dangerous Woman review which you can read here: 

I gave it a 5 out of 5 stars because it was truly a phenomenal album. 

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed and that’s it for this highly requested post! 







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