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Exposed: “Oh no, lupus!” We're right again. More on Selena Gomez’s drug addiction and lupus coverup story.

One thing you should learn with this blog is that we are never wrong. 

Check out what I tweeted in April 2016


Fast forward four months


On top of that, I had my tweets screenshot 5 days in advance, knowing that this will all come to light soon. 


Yes, so I told you that Selena has issues and her team are realizing this and she will disappear and they will say it’s lupus when it’s not. 

I’ve been told I say things pretty vague in order to get proven right, but where exactly in my tweets was I not specific? Oh well. 

Apparently, I now get my information from Blindgossip; something I’ve actively denied. Guess what? I told you that information in April, and Blindgossip posted about it today, August 31. 


Just face it, I’m not a liar. 

With that being said, it’s funny if my haters think I spend any waking moment worried about what they’re saying about me. The reality of it all is that I’m really chilling listening to my music and planning new exposed posts while getting educated in school. Yes multi-tasking is a thing. Don’t know why people act so shocked to see I run this blog AND run my life. That’s perhaps because they can’t get their life in check. 

Anyways, so an update on Selena’s drug addiction and mental state is well overdue. 

On August 27, we showed you these messages.


Selena was staying away from social media because it’s bringing her negativity. Her state of mind has been getting worse and keep in mind that addicts are usually depressed and usually do suffer with anxiety. Selena has been addicted to cocaine since like 2013 and we told you this. And then she went to rehab in early 2014 and proceeded to relapse. She even canceled the Stars Dance tour because of how bad her drug addiction was and then months later her team came up with the lupus coverup story and here we are again repeating the same cycle in 2016. 

Also, remember rehab? Yeah we were right about that too. 


She’s an addict who needs help and her 2 week stay in rehab in 2014 didn’t do her any justice. Here’s the most recent messages between my source and I:


Will I hate on Selena for getting help? No. It’s a good thing that she’s getting help, but I can not respect her at all. Instead of coming clean about her addiction, she’s hiding behind an illness that she goes against all the treatments. If you haven’t watched our video on lupus, well you should:


Here’s the post:

Here’s part of the video:

Selena not only went to treat her “lupus” at a drug addiction facility, but she proceeded to go against all basic health treatments for lupus like drinking, tanning, smoking, donating blood, and of course, doing cocaine. She showed absolutely no symptoms of the disease at all. I can prove she does cocaine more than I can prove she has lupus. But hey, this is the entertainment world and lying about a disease ain’t the only thing going on. 

And what’s laughable is that fact that both times her and her team confirmed the lupus story or talked about it, they were quick to mention BUT OH NO, SHE’S NOT DOING DRUGS! 

Like if you’re gonna have to say it every time… clearly something is up. 

Also, remember when Selena mistakened lupus for CANCER? 


She should memorize her so-called disease. 

PS. A very popular star is also hiding behind a disease. We won’t reveal now.

Another thing to add, many of her stans are coming at me and saying “How can someone hide a coke addiction for years?!” or “No one lies about a disease.”

Comments like that shows me how uneducated you naive morons are about the entertainment world. The laws me and you follow in our day-to-day lives do not apply for celebrities! Many of your fave celebrities got away with drug addiction. Many celebrities hid it and then came clean about it. For example, Demi Lovato. So please, take your stupidity somewhere else. Murder is easily hidden in the entertainment world and yet you people wanna act like one can’t hide a drug addiction. Please. 

Anyways, I wish Selena the best. 


What’s ironic though is Selena was trying to get Justin in rehab for the longest time, yet she’s the one doing two rehab trips. God works in mysterious ways. 

The moral of the story is don’t do drugs, don’t lie about a disease, and don’t doubt exposingsmg.


PS. Hi Selena’s minions! I know you’ll be doing your daily checkups on me and reporting back to Selena with information. Tell her I wish her the best and that she should get that thing checked out while she’s in reh- I mean, break. 






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