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Back to our Amber Heard and Johnny Depp post.

My last couple of posts were Jelena related and now all of the sudden I’m on a completely different topic and to the bunch of new readers we gained over the past couple of weeks, you’re probably confused. 


A while back, I posted about Johnny Depp and Amber Heard since we knew about them and their issues. You can read that here:

Disclaimer: I’m going to be using a lot of TMZ sources in this post. Before I do so, I’d like to state something I’ve said many times. TMZ are an accurate source who talk to top notch sources. They do not pay you for a story. They pay you for some sort of evidence; a video or photo. Sometimes they will take a fabricated photo and video and call it a day, however, that’s usually not the case. TMZ’s sources are reliable in terms that they actually have a relationship to the topic. They talk to celebrities’ families, friends, and teams.

I told you I won’t talk about that topic again, but I feel like I have to make a couple of things clear before any allegations get thrown in my way since this is a pretty controversial blog that is well loved and well hated at the same time. 

In the post, I told you the following:

  • Amber Heard planned to marry Johnny and then divorce him to take a lot of his money. 
  • Johnny Depp does a lot of drugs and Amber makes sure he stay on them.
  • Both Johnny Depp and Amber Heard cheated on each other
  • Amber’s first claim of being hit by Johnny had a lot of loopholes in it (according to the cops and common sense)
  • You should expect a video of Johnny coming out of him being abusive in some way
  • Domestic abuse is obviously a real problem but celebrities don’t live in the real world you know

Fast forward to a couple of weeks/months after that post and it’s revealed that 

  • Amber Heard was once arrested for abusing her ex-girlfriend
  • Johnny Depp allegedly called out Amber for cheating on him
  • A video got released of Johnny Depp being violent 

Aside from the fact that we have been proved right again, the reason I am making this post is because on Twitter, stans are just looking at the video of Johnny being violent and not at the fact that it was ruled as…

  • A. some sort of setup 
  • B. not valid for court because he was unaware he was filmed
  • C. It seemed to be heavily edited 
  • D. Amber being violent seems to be cut out as well. 

Of course I’ll be getting hate and being called someone who supports domestic violence so as opposed to letting that argument escalate, I’m addressing it all now. 

We told you in May 2016, that Amber’s story is not to be taken too seriously since she’s kind of manipulating you and as soon as we said that in our post, it was revealed in June that she herself was arrested for domestic violence. 


She’s claiming to be a victim of domestic violence even though she was once arrested for domestic violence? I mean come on, it’s like believing the girl who cried wolf. 

We said that Amber Heard cheated on Johnny (and vice versa)


 and Johnny accused her of that. 

PS. I am well aware that we said that she cheated with a woman and later on, reports say she cheated with a man. I guess there was more than one occassion of adultery. 


Of course the allegations were denied but obviously they won’t say it’s real. 


I told you to expect some sort of video of Johnny to come out


 and it did. 


Amber claimed to have a video of Johnny hitting her and we called a bluff on her and said that some video will come out but it won’t really prove the fact that he hits her. 


That is exactly what happened. The video she released was of Johnny yelling at her like the drunk we told you he is. 


Again, it did not prove that he was hitting her and you can clearly read that the video is heavily edited. 

Whenever Amber was asked about being abused, she never really had any evidence to back it up. 


Now the funny part is, their case is settled. 


The case got dismissed pretty quick. Her claims definitely did not hold up in court and she definitely got way less than she expected to get. A little birdie tells us that her lawyers advised her to plead the case with prejudice because it wasn’t going anywhere. She did not have enough evidence to back it up and there were a lot of loopholes in her story. 

Johnny Depp is clearly the bigger star therefore he has a more powerful team who can shut down the smaller star way too quick, but I’ll tell you right now that even though Amber is not innocent, neither is Johnny. 


I told you since the beginning that you shouldn’t trust what Amber said and it’s like the girl who cried wolf. Amber claims to have a video of Johnny hitting her and that does not get released. I tell you not to trust her and reports come out that she herself was violent against her partner. 

Before I end this post, I never denied that Amber could have gotten abused by Johnny, 


I can’t 100% tell you that she was not a victim of abuse. However, I can tell you that she didn’t back up her claims well. It doesn’t work in her favor that she herself was arrested for domestic abuse yet claims to be abused and then doesn’t release an official statement to the cops to get Johnny arrested. It also doesn’t work in her favor that she said she has a video of Johnny hitting her and all we get is a video of them arguing and him then throwing something that doesn’t even land on her since we didn’t hear any cute actress screams. It doesn’t work in her favor that she dismissed the case quickly because it proves that she has no other evidence to back it up. 


I’m not sorry that I’m not the person who will fall way too quickly for little scandals in the media regardless of whether I know much or if I don’t know anything. 

As someone who knows someone who was a victim of domestic abuse, this is not a topic I take with ease nor do I take pleasure in calling a bluff at an alleged victim of domestic abuse. But again as someone who knows someone who was a victim of domestic abuse, I can tell you now that that someone can and did back up their claims very well with hardcore evidence and witnesses. 

Once again, please do not be offended by this post if you support Amber. I urge you to look at the full picture. When that video was first released, I was like oh shit maybe we got a distorted version of the whole story but once I did my research and read up on everything that was released from logical sources, I realized that at the end we only got proven right. 

Like I said in my last post, domestic abuse is a real problem. 


With that being said, stay tuned for the next post that will be a little less senstive! 


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