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Exposed: The real reason Taylor Swift hates Justin Bieber due to what her and Selena Gomez did.

Ah yes, my comeback is finally here. Ironically, right after Selena finally showed her face. Rehab break I assume? 

I won’t get into the details of how I literally had several exams each week as if it was finals week for three consecutive weeks, but I’m here to tell you that I’m ending stan twitter and anyone who’s brave enough to get into my mentions. 


To do this, I’m starting with exposing the fakest stars in Hollywood, Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift. After that, I’ll remind you all of how a few years back, Selena and Taylor basically bullied and isolated Demi Lovato just because she was dealing with mental illness. Woke? You’re going to wish they were becuase don’t think that Demi being the realist celebrity in Hollywood and exposing those two fakes only for stan twitter to bully her into retirement, will go without consequences. That will occur after this post.

Welcome to the long awaited Taylena vs. Jelena post! 

This has nothing to do with Demi, I’m just exposing this because of my loyal readers who waited too long. After that, the real ending of twitter will occur. 


A little background information that you should know:

  • Justin never cheated on Selena. 
  • Selena cheated on Justin in which he exposed her for on Twitter; read here
  • When Selena cheated on Justin, it was with both with men and women.
  • Yes Selena is bisexual; something we exposed in 2013, but now it’s become obvious and only we suffered the death threats for it even though we have been proved right. 
  • T*ylor Sw*ft went through a bi-curious phase in which she figured out that she was bisexual; which we exposed in one of our last Tell Alls. 
  • After the Barbara Palvin and Justin fiasco, Selena lost her mind and told everyone while implying to the general public that Justin cheated on her with Barbara even though they were broken up that night. Read all about that here

So a couple of months ago, my source revealed some shocking deets that I couldn’t wait to share with you all, but here we are in October. Ah, typical Angela. Anyways, I wasn’t actually planning on posting this since we all know Taylor Swift and her team are quite powerful people who are insanely psychotic when it comes to protecting Taylor’s image and therefore are always deleting hate/exposing towards Taylor. Also this blog is protected under the Blogger’s Act of 2008 as well as… oh yeah, freedom of speech! I also figured that now that I own the name exposingsmg, Taylor can’t do much, but we are dealing with elite Hollywood here so who knows? 


Anyways! Not a big deal that I might be kidnapped and thrown into a black Mercedes after posting this only to send a quick text to my sources and have them reveal certain pictures to the media, but let’s hope it doesn’t get to those measures, right Tay?

Selena already knows. 


Anyways, all of this is according to my wonderful source who was told from her mutuals in many celebrity parties because…. LA. 

My source says that Selena and T*ylor hooked up a few years back and T*ylor was actually crushing on Selena, but Selena never wanted Justin to know. Yes they hooked up while Selena was with Justin. 


Because of that, T*ylor then started disliking Justin and Selena’s relationship and that dislike turned to hate after Selena started spewing lies to T*ylor like she did to the general public. 


There were many times that Selena and T*ylor had a fallout and almost always it was about Selena’s drug use and Jelena. Little did I know that it was actually also because T*ylor was crushing on Selena due to their hook-ups. I honestly thought it was only because T*ylor thought Justin was an asshole, but I guess there were several factors. It’s never black and white. 

Anyways! So according to our sources, T*ylor is bisexual and rumors surrounding that topic arose quickly when T*ylor was seen kissing Karlie Kloss (whom she treats like shit here and then). 


According to T*ylor’s fans, they’re not kissing there. I mean it sure looks like they’re exchanging chemistry notes about salvia! My bad! 

Back to Jelena/T*ylor. 

Selena lied to T*ylor about her relationship with Justin as well as manipulated it and distorted it far from the truth. Best friend goals! 

Not only that, but till this day, Justin still has no idea about their hook ups. Girlfriend goals!

On top of that, T*ylor would get a little pissy when she found out Selena was even in the same room as Justin. 

You know, it was a little weird to see how much T*ylor hated Justin after their breakup even though they were friends. Like yeah yeah, Selena told her that Justin hurt her and whatnot but I thought T*ylor would understand that it was just exes fighting since she was friends with Justin. Little did we know, till now, that it was a bigger story. 

There’s even more to this story, but before I get into part 2, let’s get the business part out of the way. 

Due to T*ylor’s rumored bixsexuality (and her somewhat stained vanila image thanks to Kim Kardashian), her team has been setting her up in several PRs. 

After the Karlie Kloss kiss, she was seen dating Calvin Harris which was rumored to have started off on PR and then progress into a real relationship or whatever. 


After she did her time and got those headlines with Calvin, she moved onto Tom Hiddleston in which they split like 3 weeks after the #KimKardashianEndedTaylorSwift party calmed down. 

Read all about Kim/Katy’s feuds with T*ylor here:


T*ylor is known for her PRs and what do PRs do? Simple. They cover a story a celebrity’s team don’t want published or they promote the artist. Clearly T*ylor Sw*ft doesn’t need much promotion from anyone. 

Now back to Justin and T*ylor. 


Here’s where it gets a little crazy and something that I didn’t even expect. 

My source tells me that T*ylor tried to hook up with Justin! 


Justin even exposed Taylor trying to get to him in his song “All Bad” which is clearly about T*ylor. 


AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I thought I was the exposing queen, but it’s really my boy Justin! 

On top of that, he hints that T*ylor was type obsessed with Selena!


Color me shook everybody! 

My source questions why T*ylor would want to do that. Maybe she wanted to see if Justin will hook up with her and cheat on Selena so she can go tell Selena and then they break up? I mean he does say “They try to tell me I’m just like the others.”

I mean who else can he possibly be talking about? I know for a fact that it’s about T*ylor due to my source, but if you want confirmation, then ask yourself, who else will it be about? Selena’s best friend during the Jelena era was T*ylor, not anyone else. And at the time of All Bad’s release is when Taylor was being very shady towards justin. 



I guess Taylor and Selena would be pretty cute together if they weren’t both so manipulative and conniving! 

I hope you enjoyed this post. This will probably be the last post in which I’m kind of nice in when it comes to telling you what my source said. My loyal readers miss the old school “savage” Angela from 2013. I guess I’ll bring her back. 

Here’s the messages between my source and I.


Also, I don’t know if I’m ever going to make a separate post of what Taylor thinks of drugs, but Taylor does not do drugs and here is what my source had to say about that. 







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