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Exposed: Fifth Harmony; Part 2 - Lauren & Camila (Camren), Camila & Austin Mahone, news on 5H3, and etc.


Welcome to part 2.

Read part one here -

Let’s reveal some things about Lauren Jauregui and Camila Cabello!


Before you continue reading this, make sure to read part 1 first if you haven’t already, in order to understand the 5H’s history and drama. 

In part one we revealed the backstory of Fifth Harmony and Camila Cabello’s messy tactics ft. her solo team and etc. As you can tell there is a lot of tension within the group. 

Let me answer the long awaited question. 

Did Fifth Harmony’s Lauren and Camila, have some sort of romantic relationship?



I’ll give you emotional shippers a moment. 


I didn’t think you guys were actually right. You were always up on ask telling Alana how they definitely had a thing or whatnot and she was like yeah yeah whatever moving on. You were dismissed the way we dismiss Larry shippers. Kind of didn’t expect this theory to be true but it is. 

So yes, it turns out that Lauren and Camila did have a romantic relationship. 


My Fifth Harmony source for half of part 1 of the 5H exposed post, always strayed away from this topic and never really gave me a direct answer (hi, if you’re reading). So I was like let me ask one of my main sources for this blog if she happens to know anything about Camila/5H in general because Camila hung out with Taylor & Selena at one point. It turns out that she knew a lot and even knew about the Lauren & Camila thing. 

My source said that Lauren and Camila definitely hooked up and are very flirty at times. It was pretty intense and they are both bisexual. The rest of the girls don’t really know much about this since they [Camila & Lauren] always kept it very lowkey. Lauren and Camila didn’t want the other girls to know, even though they do and have some sort of idea about it because you can’t hide something like that when you’re touring together. Camila and Lauren sure as hell didn’t want their management to know since they [management] would advise against any sort of coming out while the group is still intact. 


Some of you were like “Oh Camren started on X Factor and it was just a publicity stunt! We know all this, exposingsmg is a liar.”

Like please, shut the fuck. You’re wrong and stupid. I don’t know where you got the idea that management would EVER want to promote a homosexual relationship. Sure we’re all very accepting on social media and we give our support to the LGBT community, but that’s not the case in the real world where homophobia is a VERY common thing, sadly. 

Anyone who comes out in the industry is either not that important or not under strict management, or an already established artist (Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, etc.) Other than that, teams will always try to hide any other sexuality other than being straight, in order to appeal to the masses.  


This is what I’ve been dealing with for the past 24 hours. “We already knew everything.” Like no. You knew a small part but hardly anything or hardly anything correct (this goes for part 1 of my post as well). 

Anyways, back to Lauren & Camila. 


They don’t like it [Camren] being brought up because again, they are/were very private about their relationship outside of the rest of the girls and in general. So it’s not like Fifth Harmony would be hanging out, even back in 2014 when they were close, and either Camila & Lauren would be like “oh it was so fun making out with you last night!” That’s not the case here. It would not be discussed or dissected within the group. 

Why? I’m not too sure. Maybe it was a senstive point for both of them. 

If you read part 1 of the 5H post, you would know all about the drama that went down and how Camila is building her solo career. Like we told you, that pissed the girls off a lot because they felt betrayed by Camila. Lauren would sometimes try to justify Camila’s actions to the other girls and kind of defend her to some extent (because Camila is obviously in the wrong) and the other girls would be like “okay, why you kissing ass?” Our sources say that Lauren does have emotional feelings for Camila till this day despite everything Camila has done (aw). 


So congratulations to Camren shippers. 

B. The other girls

Before I go, I got a little bit of tea on Dinah and Normani.


The other girls in the group are also kind of playful with each other, but not anywhere as intense as Camila & Lauren.

For example, my source says that Dinah and Normani have been seen giving each other lap dances and pecks on the cheek.

I don’t think there is much to that except girls being flirty and playful.

So throughout this part and part 1, the other member of Fifth Harmony, Ally Brooke, hasn’t been mentioned by name so I’d like to include her to be “fair.”


She’s pretty. She also seems very unproblematic compared to the rest of the group. I’m assuming she’s the oldest. 

C. Camila and Austin Mahone


For those of you who don’t know, Camila and Austin dated briefly back in 2014 when Fifth Harmony were opening up for Austin, on tour.

In part 1, my source said “Camila is very silly considering she’s so stuck up, not loyal to friends nor the guys she’s been with.”

I found that quite interesting because I wouldn’t take Camila to be someone who is unloyal to anyone, but then again I doubt that anyone thought sweet-little-2012-Camila-with-a-bow would backstab Fifth Harmony like this.

Some of you guys were telling me that Camila and Austin were publicity.



Camila and Austin dated for real.

Slept together.

Broke up.

Camila was the one who left the relationship, my source says.

That’s all we know considering them. I’m sure there’s nothing more to this story.

D. New Fifth Harmony Projects

In part 1 in my post, I gave off the impression that Fifth Harmony were like breaking up next week. I kept saying “oh they’re breaking up sooner than you think.”


By that, I mean yes their career isn’t lasting any longer, but they’re not breaking up THIS soon. And by the looks of it, their contract is going to force them to make their third and final album.

So yes, as of now, you should expect a third album. This is subject to change if anyone buys them out of their contract (very unlikely) or if there’s some sort of loophole to enable them to substitute something to fulfill that requirement (an EP, compilation album, special holiday album, etc.) or even get them out of that requirement completely.

You asked if there will be a 5H3 and that’s my answer. Will there be a lot of effort put into it? Probably not since the group will disintegrate soon. Can they make a fourth album? I don’t know about any contract renewal deals or anything of that sort. I highly doubt it.

This is all I know so don’t annoy Alana on ask.

The end.

 Someone asked what I think about Fifth Harmony going solo and how I think they will succeed and honestly, it’s going to be very hard for one of them to go solo and be successful. Making a name for yourself within the pop girls is hard because there’s a lot of competition and a handful of successful, established pop girls. Fifth Harmony do not have selling power regardless of what they’re delusional and kiddy fans think. Tell me I’m wrong, but you’ll see. I personally can’t see it unless Taylor Swift gets involved and PRs start rolling. I would look forward to solo music from Lauren because I personally adore her voice. 


A good majority of Fifth Harmony fans were rather annoying and obnoxious in the sense that they were acting like I revealed expired tea last night just because it was a well known fact that Camila has been recording things behind 4H’s back as well as there’s so much tension in the group, but know your place. That is not the only thing I exposed. 

We revealed that…

  • Camila only continued with Fifth Harmony in order to get more famous and start a solo career as opposed to the belief that she was happy to be in the group from the start 
  • Camila will deliberately ask to have the most solos because in her mind, the song will just sound better that way
  • Camila was marketed to always look “different” from the group (all on purpose)
  • That’s My Girl was originally the lead single for 7/27 but then Work From Home came and their team chose that instead.
  • Lauren sings the choruses on both That’s My Girl and Work From Home as an apology from their team because she was just breathing during Worth It
  • Camila is not a very loyal person whether we’re talking about friends or boyfriends
  • Camila is also indirectly a racist and showed support for certain movements in order to shed that image off 
  • Taylor & Selena don’t really like Camila that much and know that she’s trying to network her way into the spotlight
  • Camila and Normani aren’t friends and the rest of the group are strictly a business deal with her (which some of the fans could already tell)
  • Camila’s solo team are riding off of Fifth Harmony’s current relevancy in order to debut Camila into the solo world (not just a theory, but a fact)
  • Camila has to act like a solo artist, by acting like Fifth Harmony don’t exist,  because that’s part of the solo team’s plan
  • Camila used Shawn Mendes to debut herself more in the entertainment industry (most fans could already tell this) so their relationship isn’t as spontaneous and genuine as it seems.
  • You asked if Fifth Harmony have done any drugs and the answer to that is they smoked weed (not just Lauren) and drink alcohol.
  • Camren is real 
  • Camren was not a publicity stunt
  • Lauren defended Camila from the girls because of emotional feelings for her
  • Camila and Austin were also real
  • 5H3 will happen as of now based on the current status of their contract which is again, subject to change. 

So let’s not act like you 5H stans knew all of this, okay? Thanks.

Since many 5H fans are new to my blog, I’ll say what I always used to say; believe what you want. I don’t care much for 5H to lie about anything and the only reason this post was made was because it was extremely requested by fans. If you choose to be delusional, you’re entitled to do that. Just don’t come into my mentions thinking I care about your feelings or your two cents of how your faves are perfect. No offense, but we don’t care. We expose and have been exposing many celebrities for a while. Don’t think you or your faves are special and we’re out to get them. The end. 


I hope you guys enjoyed and if we gained any new readers from the Fifth Harmony fandom, well hello!

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