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Exposed: There’s reasons behind why Justin Bieber is flipping out on fans.

Hi, sorry this post is late. I was out all day and all I kept thinking about was “omg I didn’t post, they’re going to cut me.” Anyways, thank god we are done with the Fifth Harmony topic and I’m back to my roots of dear old; Justin Bieber. 


There’s been some personal things that Justin has been struggling with and I think it’s time you, as fans, start to understand. 

On October 23, Justin walked out on fans at his Manchester concert, cooled off, then came back. 

Here’s what he said:

“I appreciate all the support, I appreciate love, I appreciate the kind things. But the screaming in these breaks has got to stop. Please and thank you. I don’t think it’s necessary when I’m trying to say something and you guys are screaming. I feel like I wanna connect with you. The point of the no-screaming thing is that when I’m looking at you in the eyes you know that we’re actually having a moment and having a connection.”


Beliebers (not all) and stan twitter being dramatic as they always are, are like “omg Justin is such an ass to fans!” “Calm down!” “Extra!” “It’s not that serious.”

My veteran readers know that I’m the first to cut Justin’s ass when he’s in the wrong, but he’s just not wrong in this case. All he wants to do is have a personal connection with fans and that’s the main reason for his no-photos policy. 


If you were a Belieber in 2013/14, you know or have some sort of idea of what Justin went through. If you don’t, well luckily for you we got you covered. 

Check out the parent contract here - . 

It won’t explain everything Justin’s been through, but it will give you an idea. If you want more posts on Justin’s past as well as his traumatic relationship with Selena Gomez, you can find Jelena related posts here, but if you want specific ones, ask Alana on ask, or me on Twitter

To sum it up though, Justin dealt with a lot of depression and was suicidal. He used drugs to medicate his pain and was a mess in general. He dealt with people he thought would NEVER betray him, go and literally sell him out. That messes a person up. 

Ever since Justin came back into the indsutry, he had a different outlook on life. He was done being a manufactured product and he was done being treated like one. He truly believes that “life is too short” because he went from wanting to die, to enjoying life and people in it. 


He stopped wanting to do things that make him unhappy. 

A. Canceling meet & greets & the no phone policy 

It’s not that Beliebers make Justin depressed, it’s just that he doesn’t want to stand with people for like 2 hours only to pose for 2 seconds with them and then they move along. Sometimes those fans were actually highly disrespectful. 


LMAOOOOOO. To why anyone wants to pay $2k to stand in a photo with Justin for 2 seconds, only for him to pose like you murdered his family, is beyond me. 

Justin truly just wants to get to know fans and know their story. How many celebrities can you name that want that as well?

Justin has been in the industry for way too long. He’s been taught how to smile and look pretty in order to please fans and be relatable. He would have made even MORE money off m&gs but it made him unhappy. Like I said, after going from wanting to DIE, he wants to change anything that made him unhappy. 

I mean do we really want to relive Believe tour Justin circa 2013?

He was a mess! You’re lucky he didn’t kill himself. 

The past couple of years that Justin struggled in, he was treated like a manufactured product. He was treated like… money. A bank.

When he stands with fans in a meet & greet just so they can snap a quick picture of him, I’m sure that triggers memories from those traumatic experiences. 

All in all, Justin should have stopped doing m&gs a long time ago. Big artists usually stop doing them and if he was unhappy doing them, then he has every right to do whatever he wants for his well being. 

Justin doesn’t hate his fans. He just wants to get to know them. It’s not like Justin wants no fan interaction whatsoever. He just doesn’t want you to treat him like a piece of cardboard where you can just stand there and snap the picture and leave. Even worse, he doesn’t want to take photos with fans who are screaming in his face. 

Do you guys really want this?


Start watching from 0:48. 

That’s just sad. Fans line up while Shawn Mendes just goes from fan to fan, snaps a picture, and moves on. 

Sure that was fun being adored everywhere you go… FOR THE FIRST COUPLE OF YEARS. Now add suicidal + depressed past into that equation and you literally don’t want to ever be treated like that.

Also, Justin is one of the biggest pop stars to ever exist and what he had to deal with considering his immense amount of fame, is NOTHING like those kiddy stars you guys stan is like. What he deals/dealt with isn’t even remotely close to what the pop girls for example, go through. 


I would understand where fans are coming from if Justin literally wants nothing to do with them but he just wants to TALK. Your fave wants to get to know YOU. If you’re the type to just want to snap a picture with your fave and call it a day, then there’s several celebrities who will put on a fake act for you in front of cameras and truly don’t care to know anything about you. Go stan them.

Like i don’t know how hard headed some of these fans are to get this message through:


Just because you’re a fan, doesn’t mean you can be obnoxious.

Now let’s get serious.  

B. What Justin has been going through

Unlike Demi Lovato, the general public really has no idea what Justin has went through (unless you’re a veteran reader of exposingsmg). So when Justin lashes out, it’s hard to understand where that’s coming from (even though social media who swears they’re woke still come at Demi but this post is about Justin)

I was told last night about some issues Justin has been going through. 

My source tells me that Justin has been going through a lot of anxiety. Veteran Beliebers also know that Justin’s very claustrophobic. That little issue has been coming into play lately. This is what brings me to bring up the Justin-walking-off-stage-due-to-fans-screaming-at-him situation.

My source says “When people are screaming and he can’t tame them, he may feel trapped as if he doesn’t have any control over the situation and that will trigger anxiety.” 


Claustrophobia is not only a fear of tight situations but also a fear of not being able to escape. 

If Justin’s escape is music, how you think he feels when he’s trying to talk to his fans and have a conversation with them as normal human beings as opposed to money makers, and they start screaming? They won’t even let him talk to them. They won’t let him use this as his escape. And when he asks them to stop, they start booing him. Huh???


I truly don’t understand. Like fam I would have walked off the stage too. 

In Miley Cyrus’ wise words, “Don’t fucking boo me… get the fuck outta here booing me at my own fucking concert.” Ah, a legend. 

And imagine over 20,000 people screaming at you while you’re literally just trying to talk to them. 

Ever been a fight where it’s about to get physical and the bitch in front of you just keeps on screaming and clapping her hands like this


but in a more aggressive way? And like she won’t shut up and she keeps going on and on and screaming and you literally ain’t gonna respond because how you gonna respond to a screaming psycho bitch? 

So you just waiting for her to finish up 


so she can throw the first punch and you can beat her ass like this


Yeah it’s not a cute situation. 

But imagine that situation but with 20,000+ obnoxious fans or that situation with hundreds of people everywhere you go, everyday. 

Now to back onto the whole anxiety and feeling claustrophobic in these type of settings, it’s been told that Justin is also trying to medicate these issues



You really want Justin to retire if you’re one of the people causing these issues and acting like a maniac because you feel as celebrities actually owe you something. 

So I was really upset to hear that Justin has been going through a lot of anxiety problems and it’s serious to the point where he’s even trying to medicate these issues. He shouldn’t feel like this and yet fans never fail to make him feel trapped everywhere he goes. 

Like I said earlier, if you want a manufactured product to go out and perform a soulless show for you as well as pose with you like you’re an inanimate object, there’s MANY of them out there to stan. If you want suggestions, ask us!

Well that ends this post. Moral of the story, stop being a maniac. Be considerate of others. And stop being crazy bitches. 

Here’s the message from my source:


Hope you guys enjoyed and see you in the next post!






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