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PCN: Apparently now everyone is finding out that Beyonce never really liked Kim Kardashian. Here’s why.

PCN = Pop Culture News

This is the first and last time you will see the name “Beyonce” on because 1. the esmg team doesn’t fuck with anyone in Hollywood’s elite and 2. I don’t wanna die. 

After my instagram post, it was requested on ask that I elaborate more on this situation so here I am elaborating. 

It’s come to my attention that the media is just now realizing that Beyonce never liked Kim Kardashian and silly me thinking that this was common knowledge. 

This just the bit of it all. And since the base and foundation of the story is already out, I’ll put in the little bit of information I know; which I highly doubt will cause a threat to my life (i love you queen B! *nervous laughter*). 

Basically, what all media sites are reporting is that Beyonce never liked Kim, this is true, and there’s just an awkward vibe when they’re together, again this is true

Now here’s what the media didn’t report! 

Beyonce never liked Kim and only associated with her because of Kanye & Jay Z’s relationship which is something most of you could probably figure out if you weren’t too busy gloating over “omg friendship goals!” I don’t believe Kim has any problem with Bey, but Bey just doesn’t respect Kim and finds her trashy because of how Kim became famous. 

You know, sex tape and whatnot. 

Beyonce looks down upon that. I don’t think Beyonce respects the reality TV aspect in general. 

In 2012, the following was reported by the New York Daily News

The big red flag in this forced relationship is when Beyonce & Jay Z didn’t attend Kim & Kanye’s wedding. 

Based on what we know on Kim & Beyonce, they are good people. They’re nice and not those snobby-obsessed-treat-people-like-dirt celebrities.

However, I think it is quite hypocritical of Beyonce to look down upon Kim for making a career because of a sex tape because 1. Kim didn’t choose to have that tape leaked and 2. Beyonce preaches a lot about girl power and whatever, so shaming someone for that goes against what she believes in. 

Here’s what I said on Instagram which sparked this post. 

HOWEVER, I don’t fuck with Beyonce. She’s queen. She’s done nothing wrong. Please don’t kill me. 

I hope you enjoyed this post!






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