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Ariana Grande hates Selena Gomez?

Requested. We used to do requested posts all the time but then we stopped because the esmg team was lazy. However, you can requests posts here

Let’s start off with some inside information because who doesn’t like a good sip of tea to start off a post?


Regarding this post, you asked your questions here and I believe I answered everything. 

That was the only time Selena and Ariana were seen together and it wasn’t by choice since Selena was accepting an award and Ariana was presenting it. 

“Oh but Ariana and Selena look so happy there!” Well my good readers, CLEARLY neither one of them was going to punch the other on national television. 

Plus, they don’t really hate each other. In this situation, hate is a strong word. However, they are friendly with each other but don’t necessarily like each other. 

The funny part is this all goes back to one person. 

Justin Bieber. 


I’m sure we are all familiar with Jelena’s toxic relationship. 

After Jelena’s official breakup, Selena set it as her goal to ruin Justin. Yes. Ruin. I mean look at all the chaos she caused in the public eye:


Can you imagine what she did behind doors? 

Well no need to imagine because we already told you!

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Those are just a couple of posts to give you the gist of their messy relationship. We are known for talking about Jelena so if you want more Jelena, check out our Jelena tag.  

So let’s go back to Ariana. 

Before and after Ariana became famous, she was always a huge fan of Justin.


She always supported him and defended him. I really respect Ariana for being one of the few celebrities to really come to Justin’s defense back in 2013/14 where Justin was branded as the world’s biggest asshole thanks to what Selena did to him and what she first leaked on him (and then he lashed out more because of all of that).


This was just one out of the times she defend him. 

And guess who was always in the media causing headlines of “omg Justin is a cheater!” “Justin is an asshole!” 


Ariana was always on Team Bieber. Anyone on Team Bieber has an idea of what Selena put him through so if you can only imagine, Ariana wasn’t too fond of that. 

Selena and Ariana haven’t really interacted so I doubt there’s other experiences to why Ariana isn’t too fond of her except what she has heard about Selena and what she has heard isn’t cute.


Yes this is a manip since they don’t really interact. 

Moving onto Selena and her dislike for Ariana. 

Oh and when I say dislike, please take it very lightly. Like i said, they don’t really interact to have reasons to hate each other other than what went on with Justin. 

Any veteran reader of mine knows how Selena feels about other girls around Justin. For those of you who are unfamiliar, SHE CAN’T STAND IT. 

“But why? He’s no longer her boyfriend.” Good question! 

We actually had a post on how every time Justin would be with a new girl trying to move on and mend his broken heart since Selena won’t take him back, at the same time Selena would appear, make sure the girl disappears, and leaves Justin and the girl is never seen again. Crazy? Yep! Real? Definitely. Read it here.

The first time Selena was actually fuming over Ariana & Justin is when Ariana was opening up for Justin on tour a couple of years ago. 


The first incident I can remember of Selena vs. Jariana was when Ariana posted the following picture 


Also, Justin wanted that picture posted so badly. 


I’m assuming he wanted to get Selena jealous because that was his mindset back then. 

Anyways, Selena retaliated with the following


She captioned it with “homesick.”

And this was an obvious dig at the Ariana and Justin picture, I mean anyone who thinks that Selena genuinely posted that picture is full of shit. She said she was “homesick” which could mean LA or Texas. But then it’s David, so you’d think Wizards, right? Well why was it such an intimate picture? Why not a pic with most/all of the cast? #BitternessCaughtInTheAct

I’ll tell you right now that Selena did not enjoy that picture of Justin and Ariana. 

She also didn’t enjoy the following even more


“But Selena and Justin were broken up for a while during that!” Yeah tell that to Selena the psycho, who continues butting into his life every chance she gets. I mean did you see the video I linked earlier or what? Were you alive during the Sofia Richie chaos

Selena’s mentality is very strange. I mean


Now let’s discuss in the public eye! 

One thing you should know is IMAGE is everything! We had entire video that talked about image; mainly Selena’s image, but the examples we chose can go for most celebrities. It’s very long so if you want to be entertained for 20 minutes, watch it. 


The only time Ariana publicly acknowledged Selena was when Ariana was raving about Demi Lovato’s album “Confident” and everyone started causing drama about Ariana not saying anything about Revival which was released a week before Confident. Ariana then tweeted about Revival because Selena was trying to make her connections and tweet Ariana first.


It was kind of a pity-please-shut-up-your-fans tweet. 

Again, all image. Girl power! 

Also, the anonymous person who requested this post brought to my attention that Ariana didn’t enjoy being compared to Selena. 


But do you blame Ariana? If you were an extremely talented singer with a huge vocal range and you got compared to someone who lip syncs constantly and doesn’t even have any vocal ability except when it comes to voicing her opinion on her ex, would you like that? Of course not! So obviously Ariana didn’t want to be compared to Selena who’s known for her arm accessories and associations as opposed for her talents(?). I guess Ariana would like to be compared to Selena in a selfie competition. 

But as you can clearly tell from her response, Ariana likes being compared to the legend Mariah Carey, but not someone like Selena, better known as the girl who constantly shades her ex and Taylor Swift’s best friend. 


Also, Frankie, Ariana’s brother, wasn’t really too pleased with Selena’s song. The dislike of Selena must run in the family. 

Back in 2014 at the KCAs, Ariana and Selena were scheduled to sit next each other. 


Ariana then moved her seat to sit somewhere else and Selena stayed in the same place. 


Also what was happening in 2014? Selena continuing to shade Justin and her making headlines for only that reason. 

Another thing that was asked for me to bring up was when Ariana apparently defended Selena. 


Uh yeah sure she may be talking about Selena or maybe the other several celebrities who are only known for their ex. 

Either way, Ariana has this “fake” image that she has to portray in the media. What I mean by that is she tries to please everyone. Refer back to her tweeting about Revival. 

Selena is also the same in this aspect. Both Ariana and Selena will act friendly and shit because “girl power!” Reality? They don’t give a fuck about each other. Both come from extremely different circles. It’s basically




And guess who’s on Team Bieber?


Does it make sense? 

Also, since we’re on the topic of Ariana and Justin, you guys asked about them. We had a dailyesmg about them a while ago and you can read that here

“Who wouldn’t be attracted to Ariana?” 

Tea, Justin. Tea. 

As of now, there’s nothing more to know about Ariana and Justin. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and you can request posts here! Don’t worry, we have the Zayn & Gigi expose coming up soon! We didn’t forget. 

Next up, the Jailey update which will be posted directly after this post!






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