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PCN: Dinah Jane from Fifth Harmony votes for Trump?

Thought I’d make a small post about this since I find it very ironic. It was also requested. 

Many racist rats voted for Trump, but Dinah Jane’s vote was the most surprising considering that Donald Trump is known for being against black people, latinas/latinos, and is very disrespectful to women….. and Dinah is in a girl group with members that are exactly that description. 

Her band members are even openly against Trump yet she voted for him… 


She came to his defense in an interview while her band members were disgusted by that.

She confirmed that she voted for him on snapchat.

She even followed him a couple of months ago.

She then unfollowed for the sake of her image, after her fans dragged her for it.

Someone even told me that after the announcement that Trump won, Dinah was literally partying it up at the gym, like 2 minutes later. Yes partying it up, not just working out. 

Fans questioned why she was so unaffected by these news while her own band was upset about these news alongside the rest of America that has a brain.

Anyone who votes for Trump is a piece of shit honestly, but the fact that she voted for him when her own band is part of the minorities that he’s always blaming, is ridiculous. She ain’t white either! And she’s a woman smh. 

Leave me your thoughts on this situation.


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