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Selena’s release from rehab is upon us and that’s why Jelena headlines are flooding social media again.

The time is coming where Selena isn’t going to be locked up in rehab anymore so Jelena drama is starting to resume. 


On top of that, I said that she was going to be released from rehab a couple of weeks later, in a post… 2 weeks ago… about Selena, Taylor, and rehab. 


Read it here:

And I spoke to my source and she said the following:


So yes, Selena is done with rehab and should be shown very soon. Her team wants her to make a debut appearance at the 2016 AMAs on November 20; in 3 days.


Selena has actually finished her program but her team wants to make a big deal out of her reappearance as if the music industry missed much. Let’s see if she’ll grace us with her appearance and drama at the 2016 AMAS.

Also, rumors that she will be at the AMAs started because of what the show producer said:


He was allowed to say that because her team wants the hype of “omg is Selena Gomez going to be at the 2016 AMAs?” to start.

On top of that, her team continues to sell stories about Jelena being married, Justin visiting/paying for her rehab and more.

Why are all these headlines gracing us once again? Because Selena’s team wants to keep Selena in the headlines and therefore are using Justin to get it. That’s their same technique since 2011. 

It’s publicity 101.






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