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Hi! You have probably answered this question a lot of times and you have a lot of posts about him but can you summarize Justin as a person? Thank you.


Justin as a person. Hm well it depends what year it is. Lmao

2009-2012 Justin was a very cheerful guy. Fame was new and he was making it big. He had so much life in him and loved doing interviews, going to award shows, seeing how people talked about his every move, he would make drama with the littlest thing ever, him and Selena were the it couple and they were so popular, he really liked Selena and touring seeing all these places he’s never thought he’d ever see. He loved his life.

2013-2014 Justin went through a break up with Selena which destroyed him. I’m not blaming her for what happen to him it’s his own fault and he knows that now but back then he was so in love with Selena that if she wasn’t in his life, he didn’t want to live. And Selena made this very hard because one day she’ll be all loving and caring and the next she would answer him with a “ok” and ignore him for months and that drove him crazy. Sometimes she would even tell him “you’re never going to see me or talk to me again” JUST to mess with him and have him go to insane lengths to talk to her. He started doing drugs, sleeping around, hung out with people who only loved fame and his last name, he wanted to kill himself, he pretended to be happy even though he was hurting himself so that he wouldn’t expect anything from people. He hurt himself so no one else could.

2015-now Justin is much better healthy wise and mentally. He stopped the drugs and dropped the bad influences. He started listening to people who care about him and he started exploring more of his religion and psychology and now he doesn’t like fame. He doesn’t care that people find him hot or attractive. He doesn’t care about winning awards or even going to award shows. He knows that he almost died and he wants to live life through his eyes rather than the screen on his phone which apparently bothers a lot of you guys lol he doesn’t take shit from anyone which is why he’ll flip out if people don’t listen to him OR try to control him.

Overall he’s a very caring person not the brightest since sometimes Selena can still control tiny aspects of his life but overall he’s a good guy.

Justin Bieber had every right to punch that guy.