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Justin Bieber had every right to punch that guy.


Today, Justin punched some guy in Barcelona, since the guy who the media branded as a fan, harassed him. 

Check out the video of Justin punching the guy here.

Check out the video of the guy afterwards here

As anyone with eyes can see, the guy that was running after the moving car while touching Justin’s face, came off as kind of smacking Justin in the face because with a moving car and chaos, there’s no way that the way that guy was touching Justin’s face, came off as gentle. 

Justin then knocked him out. 


There was no other way Justin could have responded I mean I would have done the same thing in his position if someone was all up on my face. 

On top of that, that guy wanted to punch Justin in the face to begin with! Here’s the tweets of one of the girls who was there:


The media are trying to brand Justin as some asshole but uh..

HELLO! Keep your hands to yourself. 

Honestly, this is all Selena Gomez’s fault for promoting harassment with Hands To Myself. 


She normalized celebrity obsession!

This is a joke

Catch the Mean Girls reference? 






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Hi! You have probably answered this question a lot of times and you have a lot of posts about him but can you summarize Justin as a person? Thank you.

Selena Gomez’s fans are bullying a girl because they think it’s me.