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Tyler Joseph Exposes the AMAs. 

The night of the 2016 AMAs, I kept talking about how Selena Gomez’s team were talking [to my insiders] about their plan to purchase the AMA awards Selena is up for to make her comeback from rehab even bigger and to be all inspirational and shit as stated in my source’s text messages

I got a lot of shit from Selena’s delusional fans who think that awards are actually not bought. That shows you how ignorant and stupid they are. And it’s not like I said “Selena’s awards are bought, but *insert my fave*’s awards aren’!” I literally said all awards are bought. 

In the video you see Tyler Joseph from Twenty One Pilots (my faves) talking about how no they did not win the Artist of the Year award, they get sent emails about who won, at the bottom of the email they’re told not to tell this information to anyone, they know they won one award, they’re going to get in trouble for exposing this, AND their manager then tells them to stop talking. 

First of all, KINGS. 

Second of all, exposed. 

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