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Exposed: Fifth Harmony; Part 1


If this is your first time reading this blog, hi, don’t be alarmed. If you’re one of my readers, welcome back!


I asked you guys on Twitter the other day to request any celebrities that were not Jelena, and you want some information on. Many people said Fifth Harmony so why not.

I know some interesting things regarding Fifth Harmony business wise and personal wise so keep reading if you want to know all about that drama.


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well, don’t say we didn’t tell you…. a very long time ago ;) 

P.S. don’t believe anything that comes out of Camila’s mouth. As we have learned, she is very manipulative and is trying to twist the narrative to work in her favor as opposed to 4H. The image that her and her team are feeding you of “omg it came as a surprise to me what that Fifth Harmony account posted” is BULLSHIT. Explain more later. 

I got an exam to study for so bye. See ya afterwards. 

Exposed: Fifth Harmony; Part 2 - Lauren & Camila (Camren), Camila & Austin Mahone, news on 5H3, and etc.

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