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Dinah Jane’s aunt confirms Camren (Camila & Lauren) was real.

“Camren was fucking around … Camren was definitely real. I’m pretty sure Lauren is heartbroken and shit. She’s probably crying her brains away. … Lauren’s leaving too … I’m sure they’re going to do a duet, you know, in the bedroom.” 

Most of the things we exposed on Fifth Harmony in October were proven right in the following weeks after. Some of the things that were proven right were…

- 5H3 will be made

- Lauren being bi (she came out)

- Camren being real

- 5H girls smoking weed; Lauren was then arrested for weed possession

- The meetings 5H’s team held to solve the relationship between 4H and Camila; later confirmed on 5H’s twitter account

- Camila’s solo team, her relationship with the girls, and more

Read our full exposé on Fifth Harmony down below.

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Part 2 -






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News that Camila Cabello has been recording her debut studio album gets confirmed today - we told you this in April 2016.

Exposed: Fifth Harmony; Part 2 - Lauren & Camila (Camren), Camila & Austin Mahone, news on 5H3, and etc.