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Exposed: Fifth Harmony; Part 2 - Lauren & Camila (Camren), Camila & Austin Mahone, news on 5H3, and etc.



Welcome to part 2.

Read part one here -

Let’s reveal some things about Lauren Jauregui and Camila Cabello!


Before you continue reading this, make sure to read part 1 first if you haven’t already, in order to understand the 5H’s history and drama. 

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Well well well, it seems like the Fifth Harmony drama can never end and luckily for the esmg team, we continue to get proved right. We told you in October in that post that Camren was real only to have Dinah’s aunt confirm it today. 

So much for “you write fanfiction!” huh, Harmonizers? 

Check out the video here: -

“Camren was fucking around … Camren was definitely real. I’m pretty sure Lauren is heartbroken and shit. She’s probably crying her brains away. … Lauren’s leaving too … I’m sure they’re going to do a duet, you know, in the bedroom.” 

Headlines are now catching on. 


Now not only did we tell you Camren was real but we talked about how Lauren felt afterwards with the group’s tension and Camila; both were confirmed. 


Exposed: Fifth Harmony; Part 1