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Exposed: Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin - relationship status?

You ask. I deliver. We have some news on Justin and Hailey!


The latest thing we said on Jailey is that they talked. But we come bearing more news!

Before continuing on with this post, read our latest Jailey update here:

We said they talked on instagram and twitter. 


And what do you know? Fast forward to December 19 and they were spotted hanging out together.


Ignore TMZ’s meltdowns over Justin’s fur coat. 


Anyways! Time to spill some tea! 

When we said that Justin and Hailey talked, that was actually because JUSTIN CALLED HER! Yes ladies you read that correctly. Justin called her, not the other way around. My source tells me that they had a formal conversation and planned to hang out soon and catch up without everyone up in their business. 


But what’s the catch? 

Well it turns out that everyone doesn’t want Hailey talking to Justin again. My source even said and I quote, “They’ve [everyone in Hailey’s life basically] even gone to the extent of making sure she doesn’t communicate with him”

Damn, Justin you sure are hated. 

Justin’s clueless ways always got people thinking things about him. He is a good person but he can just be so dumb it comes off in a way that he’s a player. I mean him and Hailey were about to make it official and then he got scared and was like “nah we’re going too fast.” And then went and whored around with models even though him and Hailey mutually called off whatever they had going on. Even though Hailey was clear with his intentions, it still looks bad on his behalf and regardless, it still hurt. 

Read all about that mess here:


Hailey’s friends don’t want her hanging out with him. Instead, they want her to meet new guys and just live her life without Justin being in it. 

Hailey’s response to that is like “chill.”

This time around, Justin and Hailey are the only ones in the business of Justin and Hailey. Not even Kendall is part of this. Remember how we used to tell you that Hailey always had an upper hand because she’s best friends with Kendall who is best friends with Justin? This time around, they’re not letting anyone be involved. 

And as I’m editing this post and finishing it up, my source just messaged me back saying that Justin did not even apologize to Hailey publicly and is continuing to make Hailey look dumb in front of everyone. 

So to answer your question… are Justin and Hailey dating? No, not as of now. However, they are talking again and trying to fix whatever went down. 

Either way, we wish em the best. 

My question to all of you is, do you think it’s smart for Hailey to start talking to Justin again when he reached out for her?

Here are the messages between my source and I

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