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News that Camila Cabello has been recording her debut studio album gets confirmed today - we told you this in April 2016.

Man have I been on a roll with this Fifth Harmony topic. Ever since our big exposed posts on Fifth Harmony, literally 90% of the information has gotten proven right down to the smallest detail and the exposingsmg team can’t help but gloat. 

So today, news got confirmed that Camila has actually been recording her debut solo album for more than a year now. 

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Of course if you read exposingsmg, you already knew all of this information from our April Tell All. Unless you were part of the delusional pack who continues to not believe us; suit yourself. 

You can read our April Tell All revealed here:

And of course we mentioned this again on Twitter. 

Catch up on what we have exposed on Fifth Harmony by reading the two posts we had on them!

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Must have been a hard week for those who don’t believe us. There’s no need to be shocked when you could have known this information months in advance. 

Anyways, I tend to lose track of times we have been proven right so I’ll make an updated post on that because we like to gloat. 






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