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Exposed: Justin Bieber contacted Selena Gomez in rehab? More on Jelena’s contract.

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So as we all know, Selena went to rehab a couple of months ago. Right before she went to rehab, the following happened. 

Sofia purposely got Justin to post about 5 or 6 photos of them on Instagram and then she got a lot of hate for it. Justin then said this 


Selena’s planned heroism then took place


Justin fired back with something that no one saw coming (hence it was not planned). 


If you want to read more about that drama, here is the post:

If you did not get the hint, Selena’s comment was planned because she was a mess and needed to make a quick exit to rehab and hence needed to leave with Jelena drama surrounded her. Same thing happened with her first rehab stunt. We already told you this in April. 


Even though Selena’s crazy passive-aggressive ways wanted to make Justin seem like some villain for saying “hey stop hating on the girl I’m currently sleeping with,” my source tells us that Justin actually reached out to Selena in rehab. 

He wished her well for her lupus and blah blah blah everything else she’s dealing with which was self-caused btw. No one was the reason for Selena’s problems but Selena herself. 

Guess what? 

Selena did not reply. 


Um okay. 

Btw, I am very well aware that you can’t really use your phone in rehab and you are advised against doing so mainly because we told you this information before. However, there are times when a patient can check up on their phone and see any messages or anyone reaching out to them. It’s common. 

My source tells me that Selena likes to act superior towards Justin. 

I don’t know what superiority she’s acting upon exactly though. Is it her nonexistent vocals? Easily seen transparency? Who knows! My real question is, how are you going to act superior towards someone you know damn well you need to stay relevant. I mean does she have no shame? She caused Jelena drama and had no business commenting on his instagram especially since for years, she rubbed her relationship with him on every social media platform so it’s not like she truly cares about any fans’ feelings.


Check out that lit video here:

But that’s on her. 

So I asked my source if Justin knows that Selena was actually in rehab for her coke addiction as opposed to the coverup story the general public was fed and she told me that Justin knows. Of course Justin did not say anything because he’s not the type of person to be like “Hey Selena how are you doing? Keeping coke out of your nose? Or is it lupus you’re telling everyone? Anyway, wish you luck!” 

He actually used to defend her whenever anyone wanted to talk shit about her because he knew she has a serious problem. That doesn’t come as a surprise to us though, nor should it come as a surprise to you since we already told you Justin does not like anyone shit talking Selena nor does he even like talking about her. 

Moving onto current day Jelena. 


My source says that Justin and Selena have very brief conversations and they do not really talk. If they run into each other, there’s going to be the occasional “hi” and “bye” like they’re obviously not going to ignore each other. We have always told you that they will forever be connected to each other since they were a big part of each other’s lives. 

Moving onto the Jelena contract. 


If you did not read the post on the Jelena contract, you should! It’s right here:

That explains everything regarding the contract, the circumstances, the reason for it, and more!! 

We actually got proved right about the contract when 1. We said there is a Jelena contract and then like 2 days later Jelena were spotted together after they weren’t for sooooo long and 2. Justin told you all that Selena used him for attention but you all sleep on that iconic comment. 

The Jelena contract is still intact. The entire reasoning for the contract is to ensure that Selena doesn’t release damaging things on Justin (in the past she has leaked the weed video) and etc. Yes Justin has equally damaging content on her; even more than she has on him. No Justin refuses to release because he plays nice and isn’t a demon. 


Selena not releasing any damaging content on Justin is part of the contract. The other is that Justin will agree to participate in any Jelena spotting but the spottings are done in a smart way therefore Selena can still maintain an independent woman image. Read the contract post, I explained it more there.

The end result is, Justin doesn’t suffer a scandal and Selena can still get any headlines from Justin to maintain relevancy. 

Justin’s team doesn’t like the contract since it makes him look dumb. 

Any other Jelena contract questions are all explained in the contract post so be sure to read that!

I asked you for Jelena related questions on Instagram and here are my answers. 

1. Considering the Jelena contract is still intact and Selena will be releasing new music in 2017, there is likely to be Jelena drama. 

2. Yes they both loved each other mutually at one point. 

3. No Justin is not in love with her right now. He wants her as far away as possible from him. 

4. I don’t know when the contract ends. I assume it will end if there is no renewal date. 

Here are the messages between my source and I!


So I hope you guys enjoyed that post and stay tuned for the December Tell All! 







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