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December Tell All

FINALLY! I know I’ve promised this all month but better late than never! Enjoy and leave your guesses as fast as possible because the reveal is happening right after!


1. This young celebrity couple are not as genuine as they seem. I would say they’re very good actors indeed. They have one common hobby aside from what they do for a living. That one hobby brings them closer to each other but at the same time they’re both one step closer to landing to a certain facility. There’s more to this couple. 


2. This model with a plain personality, who is highly relevant in pop culture because of her family, has been experimenting with the opposite sex for a while now. It wouldn’t be a shock to us if she came out dating a girl but of course her team would not approve of that…. for now. 


3. This young star who has started to make a lot of headlines recently has been planning all your meltdowns on social media for a while now. The plan is to date the guys for publicity and have a dramatic breakup. P.S. the guys are in on it too! She’s fine with the hate. More attention for her! 


4. This popular married celebrity couple are actually having more problems than what is let on in the media. Yes that includes finances in which the family that this rapper is associated with, are keeping their eye on their money considering the situation. The couple in general don’t really act like a married couple and are often more distant than what is let on. Popular married celebrity couple #2 can’t really stand popular married celebrity couple #1 and want to distant themselves as far away as they can considering the drama. 


5. This not-so-famous-kinda-irrelevant couple went through the usual jealousy moments that couples go through. However, the girl went to the length to text her boyfriend’s female friends and tell them to stop talking to her man. 


6. The way these award shows work are actually more scripted than you think. Yes, down to the invitee and performers. This A list singer performed at a big music event this year and if you notice, this other tall A list singer was not present. Why? They don’t want to outshine one another nor do they want to share the spotlight. The only reason they ever hung out in the past is because of publicity anyways. It’s fun when the two elite clash. 


7. This almost there A- list celebrity has everyone on social media fawning over here. Well good thing her plan worked, it sure costed a lot! You see, this celebrity is very insecure and will do everything to get her body and face to look the way she wants them too. Her now ex-boyfriend’s harsh comments sure took a toll on her. That plus the fact that she was very jealous of the other family member getting the spotlight. 


8. This not-so-powerful famous family is going around telling everyone they have a disease. Truth is they’re faking it. Yes all of them are in on it and faking it. Family….goals? 


9. At a christmas party last year, this bitchy actress who is semi relevant, decided to go to the bathroom and overheard this famous musician talking to her friend about how she made a gay guy sleep with her because of a bet she made with a friend. The gay guy who is still not out, did as she asked to put a hold to the rumors that he’s gay since according to the bitchy actress, his friends were around when the famous musician was flirting with him beforehand. The gay guy seemed to have been pressured by it and our musician is well known.  Aren’t the holidays special?


10. This power squad that is always shoved down our throats, is far from genuine but I know you already guessed that. But did you know that the leader of this squad is still stuck in middle school cliches? Yes that means doing the cliche things like shit talk other celebs, make fun of their hair, and more. Oh and do not bring or talk about drugs around her! You will be exiled from the group. Oh and another thing, you have to kiss her ass all the time. And if she feels like you are damaging her rep, you’re not allowed at the next photo op! Yes. It’s literally like Mean Girls 2.0.


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