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Exposed: Behind the scenes of Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez’s friendship. More on Katy Perry.

Shoutout to the person on Instagram who reminded me to post this. 


Make sure to read the last Taylena post where we exposed their secret hookups and Justin’s involvement! Check it out here:

To Taylor’s team: We come in peace. 

Something you should know already about Taylor Swift is that she is very against drugs and anything that will damage her rep. I mean she abandoned Selena for her drug issues. Read all about that here:

Make sure to read that post first because this post is a continuation of that one. 

As you can see, Taylor puts her image before everything and yes that includes her ex-coke head bestie. 

If you read our latest drug update on Selena, we told you that she’s sober right now and her team wants to make sure she stays that way so they’re making her take at home drug tests. 


Taylor only cheered on Selena on AMA night because 1. Selena was being praised for overcoming depression and 2. It was overall positive attention for Selena that night. 


Many people still doubt Selena’s lupus though and believe she was in rehab for drug addiction thanks to us. Besides, everyone in Hollywood know that Selena had a drug addiction so it reflects badly upon Taylor. She fears that Selena’s reputation will precede her as well. You are who your friends are, after all. 


But enough of that. I already told you how Taylor feels about drugs. Let’s talk about how Taylor talks about Selena to her little peers. 

My source tells me that Taylor basically disowns Selena in front of her peers. Taylor doesn’t claim her and their relationship is based on how many years they’ve known each other. My source says it’s like “Oh I’ve known Selena for many years so I’ll always be there for her.” 


But is Taylor really? Nah! Image first for Taylor. 

Like we told you, everyone within the industry knows Selena did drugs mainly because a lot of them have done it with her or have dealt it to her. (fun fact!) 

Btw, when I say “everyone,” take that term lightly. I mean people in their peer group. 

Taylor feels like she’s too good for drugs and Selena struggling with abusing drugs and alcohol, is seen as the weak link for Taylor’s prestigious self.  As we have always told you, that specific topic was the main root to why Selena and Taylor had friendship problems. 

Selena is a horrible person and I can’t help but think that the way Taylor treats her is karma. 

I mean Selena abandoned Demi for her drug problems and then Taylor abandoned Selena for hers. 

Remember when Selena defended Taylor amidst the whole Kim and Kanye exposing her thing? Catch up on that drama here:


In Selena’s anger, her ignorance showed and she disregarded the entire Black Lives Matter movement in order to defend a snake. 

Selena was then called racist and a bunch of names due to her defending Taylor, in such a wrong way may I add! Btw, we didn’t help in stopping that hate either. The exposingsmg fueled it in fact. 


Haha…. sorry Sel!

The point is, Selena got a lot of hate. Now what was Taylor’s response to that?

My source tells me that Taylor and her peers made fun of Selena for her stupid response and practically disowned her. 


Selena: *defends Taylor*

Taylor and her peers:


Also, Justin was another topic in why Selena and Taylor fought a lot. 

1. Taylor wanted Justin (lol)

2. And yet she wanted Selena too

We already linked that post earlier in this post. 

I know it seems wild but i mean, this is Hollywood we are talking about!


My source tells me that Taylor would always talk shit about Selena to her peers saying how Selena is too caught up in this drama with Justin and how stupid she actually is. 


Do I feel bad for Selena? No considering everything else she’s done to others. Taylor is considered above Selena in every aspect. She’s richer and more famous. Taylor looks down upon Selena the way Selena looked down upon other girls who aren’t as famous and rich. It’s karma and no I do not feel bad for Selena. 


Taylor is a bitch too, don’t get me wrong. What you need to understand about Taylor is that she is not evil but she is VERY petty and can be very mean. She will do anything for her image if that means stepping on others to secure it. Yes she has a good heart in terms of dealing with fans and giving millions to charity, but you can be that person AND be the mean bitch of Hollywood too. Taylor basically has two sides. 

Now I don’t want you to think that “oh no poor Selena! Taylor is such a horrible friend.” No no. 

Remember that Taylor hates Katy Perry (we already linked that drama earlier in this post).


And Taylor is the type of person to shit talk a lot so you should already have guessed she always shit talked Katy. She was so pressed lmao. 


Taylor would shit talk to the other shit talker, Selena. 

Drinking game: take a shot every time I say shit talk.

But guess what? Selena plays both sides. Selena talks to Katy and will sometimes report back to Katy with what Taylor says about her. 


LMAO HOW MESSY THOUGH. Oh I love celebrities. Taylor and Selena are both pathetic though. 

Anyways, that’s it for Taylena. Taylor will accept Selena back in her life when Selena cleans up a bit and Katy is unbothered. 

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