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Exposed: Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid (Zigi). PR? Drugs? And more!

FINALLY. The long awaited Zigi exposed is here. I’m sorry for how long I made you wait. 


Keep reading to find out all the secrets behind Gigi and Zayn, who they are as people, and a little bit about Perrie Edwards towards the end. 

Disclaimer: Everything stated in this post is according to our sources. 

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There’s a lot to go through so let me break it up. Btw, I took all your questions into consideration and this post should answer all of them. 

A. Are Zigi a publicity stunt?



The go to make-me-more-famous-and-relevant technique is very old in Hollywood. PR (public relationships) are one of the most used techniques in the business. 

If you’re a veteran reader of this blog, me saying “One Direction’s private lives are irrelevant to everyone except their fans” should ring a bell. I always preached about how no one cares what any member of One Direction dates (yes I am aware Zayn left). When Zayn left the band, his team wanted to get rid of that title. They wanted to make him more interesting to the general public. Regardless of what you as stans believe, the truth is, no one gives a fuck who anyone in 1D dated/dates because their personal lives are irrelevant to the general public. They’re not Justin Bieber. They’re not Taylor Swift. 1D was irrelevant in the GP to begin with. With that being said, I don’t mean they were flops. I am very aware how successful they were/are. Success and relevancy are two different things. Some celebs have both, some only have one part. 

When Zayn left One Direction, his team didn’t want that personal life irrelevancy to follow him. They wanted to make him more relevant in the general public. Say what you want about his relationship with Perrie Edwards from Little Mix, but their relationship was irrelevant too and unheard of in the general public, except within stans. Perrie and Zayn were together for like what, 3 or 4 years? There’s like maybe 10 different events that they were papped and even that number is a reach. Anyways, we’ll get to that at a different time. 

So yeah when Zayn left and began to start his solo career, his team wanted to set him up in a good publicity stunt to get people talking. The only way to do this is to get someone else kind of relevant like Gigi. 

Voila. Zigi was born. 


The fact that she was in his debut music video and what they were doing in the video was a publicity stunt on its own. 


The point of the video was to get them looking like “goals” so we could get another Jelena. 


They did as they were told and started as much drama as they could. 

At one point, Gigi even tried denying that her and Zayn are a fake publicity stunt. That’s a big no no. 


I’m sure her team told her that and she had to delete the tweets. You can’t bring attention to that fact so she definitely got in trouble for responding. 


Both the video and single for Pillowtalk were released on January 29, 2016.

We’re going to get into Zayn as a person later on, but like he already told you all, he deals with a lot of anxiety (mixed in with a bunch of other things). Zayn didn’t promote this song nor has he performed it live yet. Part of the reason for that is because of his anxiety. It’s sad really. 

So due to that reason and the fact that his promo for Pillowtalk was going to be limited, his team had to resort to promoting and keeping him in headlines with something else. 


That’s where Zigi comes into play.

The relationship benefits both of them. 

Here’s something I find that stans have trouble understanding. Music fame is different than modeling fame. Models are usually not as famous as musicians and tend to get more famous from musicians or being exposed in the music world. 

Gigi being tied down to Zayn has given her the opportunity to branch out into the music scene which helped her get roles like hosting music related award shows. The MMVAs and AMAs are an example. 


Zayn benefits from Gigi in the sense that he has something to keep him talked about in the general public since he’s rather uninteresting. He does like nothing interesting to keep the GP talking about him so he’s stuck with Gigi. 

When people were getting bored with Zigi and they did their job to cause drama, their teams leaked news that they were breaking up. 


They went even a little further when their reps had no comment which made it ever more “suspicious, official, and heart wrenching.”


Within days, they were reported to be back together which just means that the breakup stunt was…… well a stunt. 

Zigi has been spotted like everywhere because that’s what happens when you’re a publicity stunt. 


You get the point. You’re always going to get HD paparazzi pictures of them. (My oh my, I gotta say they are one boring PR. They need to sit down with Jelena and have Jelena give them tips on the stunts they used to pull. I’m yawning while writing this!)

If you’re not getting HD paparazzi pictures, you’re getting snapchats. 


Very cringe worthy snapchats….

And if it’s not snapchat, it’s photoshoots. 


But can we please discuss these pictures?!





This! Screams! Publicity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anyways……… I’m calm. 

I’m calm. 

Most recently,  they spent Christmas together and that was confirmed by the Hadid family. Or at least that’s what it seemed like. 

Isn’t Zayn….. Muslim? Whatchu doing celebrating Christmas fam.

Gigi’s brother Anwar, posted the following picture in which you can see Zayn in. 


That picture of Zayn could easily have been taken beforehand and included in this collage to make it seem like he was there but I don’t have confirmation of that. I’m just telling you that it’s a popular thing for PR stunts to involve a lot of lying in terms of where each individual is at. 

And according to Teen Vogue, Zayn made the pink gingerbread house. 


YOU GET THE POINT. You can’t escape Zigi. 

Another thing my source tells me about Zigi is that Zayn doesn’t play shit off. He literally coaches her on how to act because they literally have no chemistry. I mean did we all catch the video of them at the Met Gala where we have Zayn literally telling her what to do?


“Look at me. Touch my face.” 

YES HE LITERALLY TELLS HER THAT. Like fam! You can tell Zayn isn’t used to PR relationships that are up everyone’s ass. Backstage, Zayn would be teaching Gigi what to do, how to act, where to put her hand; the whole package. It’s just funny to me that he took backstage and put it in front of cameras. Like chill man. 

I also don’t know when this PR will end. Their teams wanted to end it after the Pillowtalk video was released, but then the PR was successful so they extended it. 

Yeah so that sums up their PR. Oh and btw, my source tells me that they still talk to people on the side. 

B. Zayn and Gigi behind the PR and with the drugs

We’re going to get into the both of them as people, but let me just tell you how they are together. 

They’re relatively good friends. I’ve heard that if they’re both high enough, they’ll sleep together. 

You should know that between peers, Gigi and Zayn are known as the “Drug Experimenting PR couple”

That’s what they bond over. Drugs

My source tells me that Zayn and Gigi do a lot of cocaine. Cocaine is actually one of the reasons for Gigi’s dramatic weight loss. 


A model doing cocaine? Very cliche and common. Come on Gigs, step it up a notch! 

Remember when Gigi was busted for doing cocaine at a Victoria’s Secret event?


Then she came on Twitter and said the following, which was part of her Twitter rant on how appalled she was for someone to accuse her of such a thing! (As if it ain’t common). 


Like hello???? That’s where all models do cocaine! AT! WORK! RELATED! EVENTS! And those hundreds of people probably doing it with her too! 

Whatever. I’m not saying she was snorting cocaine at that exact moment but I mean what was she doing? Sniffing the table because it smelled pleasant? 

But that drama died fast since Gigi is type irrelevant to have a, I guess you could say almost-scandal, stay talked about for more than 12 minutes. 

My sources also tell me that, Zayn is also into a bunch of harder drugs. Scroll down a list of drugs and randomly put your finger on one and the chances that Zayn has done that drug are pretty high. He needs help ASAP. He’ll be the next celebrity in rehab if he doesn’t get that help. I really do feel for him because he deals with a lot of depression and anxiety. However, those problems stem from the drugs he’s taking.

Zayn was never meant for the fame. He’s the type that loves music and wants to do music and have it sell so he can be rich, but he doesn’t want to do anything to get there and that’s why he’s so depressed. In One Direction he was depressed 99% of the time. He’s still depressed without One Direction. He’s just a mess and needs the right people in his life. 


One of my sources tells me that Zayn kinda treats Gigi like shit because he hates that he’s forced into this publicity stunt and that just reminds him of his depressed days in 1D. He’s just always in a mood. He’s always complaining about something. His health problems stem from the drugs. His anxiety is worsened because of the drugs. He can’t perform 90% of the time because of the drugs. His team is always planning up new excuses to plan just in case Zayn pulls some shit. 


Awwww… so cute and happy back in the beginning days before fame sucked the life out of him. 

He is truly a MESS. And he hurts people because it’s the drugs acting up and not him. He’s not really in his right state of mind. He’s going to end up in rehab if he doesn’t get it together and tbh, he hasn’t gotten it together since he debuted on X Factor with One Direction. 


My source tells me that Gigi being in his life is very unhealthy for him because he’s being forced to be in this fake relationship and that just takes a toll on him mentally. Because he’s so fucked up, he’s not like other stars in a fake relationship. Think of Justin in 2013 and multiply his issues by 7 and you’ll get Zayn. (Except Zayn didn’t have a manipulative rat toying with his heart every week. If he did, he would be dead). 


Gigi cares about Zayn but Gigi was just another model on the list of “Models Who Are Willing To Be In a Fake Relationship With Zayn Malik.” Yes there was a list and yes she was chosen. 

So yeah even though Gigi cares for him, you really can’t help a druggie like Zayn unless you tie him to a chair and drag his ass to rehab. In the end, it’s a business deal for Gigi and she has her career to look after. She ain’t babysitting Zayn. She’s just there when she has to be. 

C. Gigi as a person


I haven’t heard too much negative things about Gigi. She’s generally a nice person but she’s really stupid. I mean that in the nicest way possible. She’s just uneducated

Gigi was attacked for saying that Zayn was middle eastern. 


If you’re like Gigi and don’t know where she went wrong, I’ll fill you in. Zayn is half-Pakistani and Pakistan is a country in South Asia and not in the middle east therefore he would be considered Asian not middle eastern. 

First of all, Gigi didn’t know that fact because like I just told you, she’s type stupid. 

And second of all, as a PR couple, background information like that doesn’t often come up. Zayn and Gigi talk about how many lines of coke they’re going to do, not where their grandparents were born. 

Okay that was mean but you get the point. 

You know how at some interviews you play games where they can maybe ask you some educational questions? Like who was the first president of America and things like that? Well Gigi was at one and they asked her basic questions that anyone who attended elementary school should know…. except if you’re Gigi. It was so bad they decided not to continue with the segment and she felt really embarrassed backstage but then she got over it because her career consists of her being pretty, not smart. 

She’s lucky she knows how to write her own name. 

Moving onto another aspect of Gigi. 


Gigi’s main goal when first starting out in the business is FAME. Of course that’s understandable as it would be anyone’s goal. However, Gigi took the easy way out. She dated famous guys in the industry to gain relevancy and make a name for herself. After doing that, it was goodbye boyfriend and hello new boyfriend! 

First it was Cody Simpson. 


Their relationship was highly publicized and they were spotted everywhere. They then called it off in May 2015 on a good note because Gigi doesn’t want bad press following her from a past relationship onto her new one. 


Cody then came out to say that he didn’t like all the publicity that he was receiving from dating Gigi and that’s why they broke up. Odd reasoning to end a relationship with your loved one but it’s all cool!


Cody is generally a very chill and down to earth type of guy. He isn’t into the fame game and he’s just all about chilling. I like Cody. Let’s be like Cody. 

Anyways, Gigi then moved onto Joe Jonas. 


Their relationship was rumored literally a month after her breakup with Cody. 


After Joe and Gigi got papped here and then, Gigi got bored and moved on to Zayn when she got the opportunity. 


And that brings us to this post. However, what do you realize? There is a pattern in her choice of men. 

First of all, they’re all musicians and we already established that music fame is the biggest type of fame. Therefore if Gigi was dating some popular model, it wouldn’t extract the type of reaction that she is looking for. 

Second of all, the more guys she dates, the more the guys’ fame has increased. What I’m trying to say is that Gigi dates someone more relevant and popular than her last beau. Joe is more famous than Cody therefore he’s considered an upgrade in her eyes and Zayn is more famous than Joe. If she were to move on from Zayn, she would need someone more famous and relevant like say… Justin Bieber perhaps. 

Associating with musicians has increased her fame and she was able to branch out into the music world. 

Checkpoint for Gigi Hadid. 

D. Zayn as a person


The best way to describe Zayn is that he’s a troubled soul. Like my sources said, he does a lot of drugs and the drugs act for him. He can be an asshole. He has a mean streak. He will cheat on you, don’t worry. He’s just your typical bad boy. I can’t tell you who he is with no drugs BECAUSE HE HASN’T BEEN SOBER ENOUGH FOR ANYONE TO EVER GET AN EXPERIENCE. 

Wow…. I just got a little mad. I didn’t know I even remotely cared for Zayn Malik. Writing this post made me come in touch with my inner feelings… that plus the fact that I’m listening to One Direction’s discography right now. I truly do wish him the best. I really want his ass in rehab. 

E. The End

Hopefully I cleared up everything there is to know about Zigi. I personally find them rather uninteresting minus all the drugs they do.

Well… truthfully speaking, it’s Zayn who does a lot of drugs. I’ve just only been told that Gigi does the cliche cocaine.

Also, if you remember #12 from our April Tell All.. we never revealed it, but it’s Gigi. 


I’m going to talk about Perrie Edwards and her relationship with Zayn in a different post because this post has already gotten very long. 


Some of you asked me about the rumors that Gigi wanted to contact Perrie and blah blah blah. Those are all stories planted by whoever’s publicists to just cause drama. Drama results in people talking about the subjects. In this case they would be Little Mix, Zayn and Gigi. I don’t even think Gigi and Perrie ever met nor do I think Gigi cares that much for Zayn’s drama with Perrie considering it’s not like Gigi and Zayn were real to begin with. 

And as for my thoughts on them, I don’t really care for Gigi. I like Zayn. He got my coins for Mind of Mine which I reviewed and you should check out here:

So yeah that’s all! I hope you enjoyed. This is our last post of 2016! We love you guys so much! Happy New Year and thank you for being the best and funniest readers anyone could ask for. Exposing fam, we’ve come a long way. 


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