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Exposed: Kimye vs. Jayonce + Taylor Swift vs. Beyonce for a VMA slot.

As promised, we are here to reveal. Beyonce and Jay Z, Hollywood elite, we come in peace. 


Everything in this post is according to a source unless stated otherwise. 

We first mentioned this situation in our December Tell All + Reveal.

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Popular married celebrity couple #1 = Kimye: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Rapper = Kanye West

Popular married celebrity couple #2 = Jayonce: Beyonce and Jay Z

We’re only going to be talking about the Kimye and Jayonce feud so if you want to know about the other part we mentioned in our Tell All, read the reveal. We talked about Kanye’s financial issues there. 

Okay so we already told you that Beyonce never liked Kim and always considered her trash due to how she became famous. Read about that here:

Beyonce only associated with Kim because of her relationship to Kanye and how Kanye was close to Jay Z. Now that Jay Z wants nothing to do with Kanye, Beyonce is like “deuces.”


Read what Kanye said when ranting about Jay Z and Beyonce here:

Because of the recent turn of events; Kanye attacking them at his concert, Beyonce and Jay Z want nothing to do with him. 

Let’s talk about Kanye’s rant. 

“I’ve been sitting here to give ya’ll my truth even at the risk of my own life. Even at the risk of my own success, my own career. I’ve been sitting here to give ya’ll the truth! Jay Z, call me , bro! You still ain’t calling me. Jay Z, call me… Jay Z, I know you got killers. Please don’t send them at my head. Just call me. Talk to me like a man!“


like WHAT. THE. FUCK. 

Hello????? He basically said Jay Z got people that can end his life. I guess now you have an idea what kind of power the elite tend to have. 

Moving onto the next part of the Tell All. 


Award show = Video Music Awards (VMAs)

A list singer = Beyonce

Tall A list singer = Taylor Swifnake

Okay so like the Tell All tells you, Taylor was not at the VMAs because Beyonce was there. She didn’t want to be outshined because Taylor and Beyonce are currently both very famous and they sell a lot. Taylor actually sells more. Regardless, Beyonce is still looked as the queen bee. The point is, that is the reason why Taylor did not attend the VMAs. You guys think anyone can go and perform wherever but everything is scripted and planned for. 


It’s not like Taylor was scared to attend the VMAs. No. Their teams were literally talking this out and planning who’s going to be the one to attend. 

Someone mentioned on Twitter that Beyonce doesn’t care about Taylor’s presence since you know, she’s Beyonce. 

Wrong. Taylor is just as popular right now and she would have made headlines just as well. 

So coincidentally while revealing the first part of the Tell All; the Kimye vs. Jayonce part, I came across Kanye’s rant. I never watched it before because I was uninterested. Celebs don’t really surprise me so when I see a headline like “Kanye exposes Beyonce and Jay Z!” I don’t really…… care too much. I mean I’ll write about it because cool, but personally, celebrities don’t surprise me. I know the whole game. 

Anyways! While finally researching what Kanye said in his rant, I saw that he mentioned the VMAs and said…

"Beyoncé, I was hurt cos heard that you said you wouldn’t perform unless you won Video of the Year over me and over ‘Hotline Bling’" 


First of all, can we take a moment to talk about how the night of the AMAs, I told you that the awards were rigged and Selena Gomez’s team was trying to buy her an award. Yet I got a lot of hate for it but hey! Here’s Kanye exposing the same for you. (Tyler Joseph from Twenty One Pilots did too. Check it out here.)

Second of all, I’m not going to call Kanye a liar because deals like this do happen. I mean I was just telling you that Taylor and Beyonce refused to be at the same show because they didn’t want to share the spotlight and here’s Kanye saying that Beyonce had conditions to attend the VMAs. 

These are cliche things that happen in the industry ALL THE TIME. 

Also, Beyonce knows her power. She knows how much people praise her and she likes it, as anyone would. Therefore, she will usually want the attention to be solely on her. Whether it’s being the biggest performer of the night or being the last person to walk on the red carpet. It happens. 

It’s industry 101. 


Hope you guys enjoyed! See you for tomorrow’s scheduled post which is exposing JADISON. 







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