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Exposed: Jack Gilinsky and Madison Beer + the PR behind Madison’s discography with Justin Bieber and Kylie Jenner fallout.

You ask, we deliver. 


Everything in this post is according to a source unless otherwise stated. 

This is another topic part of our tell all revealed. 

We first mentioned Jadison in our December Tell All + Reveal.

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Some people thought that Jack and Madison were PR at first. The answer is no. They’re not a PR. 

They’re dating for real and they seem to have a happy relationship.

That is… except for the part where Madison Beer eliminated Jack’s female friends. As the Tell All says, my source told me that Madison had texted a bunch of Jack’s female friends to let them know where they stand. The answer is, they stand nowhere and they’re not allowed to talk to Jack. 


Damn. It’s like Madison took a page out of Selena Gomez’s handbook. 


Perhaps it was that night when Selena arrived at a studio where Madison and Justin Bieber were having a session. She arrived drunk and high so clearly I don’t think Madison should have been allowed to be near that mess.

Anyways! Sorry for getting off topic. I just can’t stop talking about my queen, Sel. 

Regarding their recent PDA filled beach pictures, everyone has been asking us if they call the paparazzi considering they’re not that famous. 

Here’s some pictures on the beach in Miami. They went a couple of times so there’s a lot. 


And the most weirdest one…


Like hello??? You could eat her ass somewhere else!!

Jack and Madison are once again, not for publicity. However, they love the attention considering they don’t get a lot. In a lot of the pictures, you see them staring right at the paparazzi, which led many of you guys to think they are a PR. 


You get the point. Like I said, they like the attention and if paparazzi are right there, chances are they’re going to snap some pictures of you staring right at them. 

So do Madison and Jack call the paparazzi? Lol of course! Celebrities are known to tip the paparazzi and let them know their location so they can get some pictures of them. 

It wouldn’t make sense to put Madison and Jack in a PR relationship since they’re both……. flops. In a nicer way, they’re both really not that popular. I mean did Jack’s songs ever grace Billboard Hot 100? No. Did Madison? No. EVEN with Justin Bieber promoting her. The point is, you can’t put two semi-irrelavant people in a PR couple. 


There’s not more that we know about Jack and Madison since no one asked specific questions, but due to popular demand, we are here to fill you in on Madison as a person. 

My source tells me that Madison is generally nice but she has a bitchy and bitter side. On top of that, Madison will most likely associate with you based on your status. 

I guess you could argue that Madison first associated with Jack due to his fame with Vine but eh.. weak argument considering Madison has JUSTIN BIEBER backing her up. We’ll get into that later on. 

Madison had some fallout with Kylie Jenner back when Kylie was kind of a loser.

Friend: *talking on the phone* *says madison* 

Kylie: *mockingly* Madison! 

Friend: I know she’s crazy

So yeah I don’t remember what happened but there was another video of Kylie making fun of Madison right to her face. I guess Madison only dealt with Kylie because of her status. 

With that being said, we aren’t try to say that Madison doesn’t like her fans and shit, but usually Madison will be friends with people with status, money, and etc. 


I mean she’s good friends with my boy, Justin so of course I can see where the stuck up side is coming from. Being close with the world’s biggest male star right now? Fam I’d step on all my friends!

Okay kidding. 

So basically Madison can be bitchy, stuck-up, and a little fake. 

On top of that, she can be a little excessive. What I mean by that is… well if you’re a veteran reader of exposingsmg, Madison can have like 8% of Selena’s evil schemes. 

My source even said she’s heard stories that people have told her about Madison and ain’t that pretty. 

Now I don’t know if you guys remember, but a long time ago, someone had an exposing Madison blog. She was inspired by this blog and she had her own connections regarding Madison. However, that blog got shut down by Madison’s people, specifically her mom, Tracie. Tracie, my good sis, if you’re reading this, don’t even try. 



On that account, the owner wrote about how Madison was in a relationship with a girl. Mind you, this was in 2013/14. You won’t find that post because she was forced to delete it. Guess what? Madison recently came out and said that she has been in love with a girl before. 


A lot of what that blog said had some serious truth to it. There were many posts regarding this topic and even videos but they were sadly all taken down. 

So yeah, that’s it for Madison as a person. She’s generally nice, but she cares about status, can be overly jealous, and can be bitter. I personally don’t hate her nor do I care for her. She’s okay, in my opinion. 

Before we end this post, let me just refresh your memory if you forgot because you weren’t a Belieber in 2012. 

The whole Justin randomly discovering Madison on Youtube was a publicity stunt. Beliebers already established that in 2012. Basically, Tracie Beer, Madison’s mom, knows Scooter Braun, Justin’s manager. She wanted to make her little gal famous so she had this whole plan with Scooter because he’s her friend. Of course Scooter uses his puppet Justin to make other people famous. 

So they claim Justin discovered Madison in July 2012


But, there’s this picture of them which was taken months before. 


And that ladies and gentlemen, is how Beliebers exposed Scooter, Justin, and Madison. 

Hope you enjoyed and see you for tomorrow’s scheduled post!






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