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Sofia Richie likes a Jelena manip on Instagram.

Since everyone kept asking me about this, here’s a post explaining it/giving you my two cents. 


Remember how I told you that Selena Gomez got a mutual from both her and Justin Bieber’s side, to hook up Justin and Sofia, in order to get Hailey Baldwin out of the picture? No? Well I do and I’ll link the post for you to refresh your memory. 

Read all about Selena’s schemeing and involvment with Justin and Sofia here -

And real all about Justin and Selena’s instagram feud here -

I’m not in the mood to repeat myself so uh… read the first linked post to know everything that happened. 

Yesterday I believe, Sofia liked a Jelena manip. 


This is the picture. 


Yes she did really like it and no it’s not a fake. Here’s a couple more different screenshots with a different time stamp. 


So everyone is asking why?

Well first of all, Sofia didn’t have any problems with Justin or Selena to start with. 

Sofia was against Hailey and she would always shit talk her with her friends. 


Hanging out with her and then taking her man? A snake!

Second of all, I find it fishy that we tell you that Selena’s bitch ass recruited someone to get Sofia and Justin together in order to cause a problem between Justin and Hailey and suddenly Sofia is liking a Jelena manip and basically rooting for Jelena. 

Third of all, remember how we told you that Selena commenting on Justin’s instagram photo of him and Sofia was planned, but Justin firing back was not planned? 


We also told you that Sofia had to make sure that multiple pictures were posted in order for Selena’s comment to make sense. It wouldn’t make sense for Selena to comment what she did if Justin posted one or two photos as opposed to the five or six he posted. On top of that, at the time those several pictures of Sofia and Justin were posted, fans said that Justin was actually on stage performing. So clearly someone else had access to his Instagram account. Not like Justin minded though. He was all for starting shit that seemed like he was moving on so Selena can get on with her life and leave him alone once and for all.

Because of that, the exposingsmg team presumed that Sofia was kind of talking on the downlow with Selena because that’s the only logical reasoning to explain all this fishy behavior. And no this is not a reach considering Selena would get Alfredo Flores to spy on Justin and get information from him on Hailey only to go back and tell Selena all of this. And ever since we exposed that information, Justin went from going on vacation with Alfredo to no longer associating with him. 


Read the full exposed post on Alfredo here -

Check the dates in the Alfredo exposed. First, Alfredo hung out with Selena and then he randomly reconciled with Justin and goes on vacation with him after not talking for so long. Directly afterwards, Justin is seen getting it on with Sofia. 


In the post we state that our source told us that Selena literally asked Alfredo to go and spend some time with Justin so he can report back with information on him and more specifically, on him and Hailey Baldwin. 

Also, note how we told you that Sofia and Justin were not a business arrangement and just a fling. We also said that after that fling is over, Sofia is going to debut herself into the industry whether that be with modeling or anything else. 


And guess what? Exactly that happened so trust me when I tell you, we know what we’re talking about if you’re trigged, click out. 


When Sofia and Justin were having their random ass fling, Sofia was adoring the attention that she was getting from being Justin’s beau of the month. When that was over, she focused on her career that was suddenly there due to her associating with him. No shade. This is the truth. Justin’s insane relevancy and fame allows anyone who associates with him, the same. Ask Selena who went from having no top 20s before Jelena to having 2 top 5s on Billboard. 


So basically, I take it that because Sofia up here declaring her love for Jelena by liking a random ass manip that she wasn’t even tagged in, this shows that she’s for the toxic ass Jelena, therefore siding with Selena and being against Hailey as she always was. 

“You’re getting this all from an Instagram like? What a reach!” Nope. I’m getting all of this based on all of the information I have been provided with. 

Oh and don’t forget this video:

Sofia’s friend said, “Yeah I heard about you… You bad and Selena… girl we all gettin into some trouble huh?”

“You’re getting this all from an Instagram like? What a reach!” Nope. I’m getting all of this based on all of the information I have been provided with. 

But regardless, give me your thoughts on this. I personally don’t think there’s too much to it except that it proves that Sofia was never against Jelena hence it being fishy to be rooting for your ex-beau’s relationship that you know is messy af. Anyways…

 Hope you enjoyed!






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