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Chasing Cameron; an HONEST review.

Cameron Dallas recently got his own Netflix show and as requested, here are my thoughts about it. 


I gotta say, I’m about five episodes in and I’m lowkey shook. We were hatin but they were making some serious money. 

For those of you who don’t know, Cameron Dallas is a vine star. He’s also a Youtuber and a singer (I think). On social media, many people make fun of viners and look down upon them because they became famous through six second videos. I am one of those people. 


So one night, Alana and I wanted to watch something and we saw Cameron’s show popping up all over our Netflix. Here is literally what I told her. “Let’s watch this so we can have a good laugh and make fun of them.”

I gotta say, Cameron and his pals are the last ones with the last laugh. 

The show is basically about Cameron’s life, how he came about, the formation of Magcon, the drama behind Magcon, tour life, and more. I’m only 5 episodes in and so far that’s what they covered. His other vine buddies are regulars on the show. 


Vine was literally fucking explosive when it first came out. It made regular people STARS. And stans on social media, took a jab at that. 

Cameron even addresses it in the show and talks about how social media stars are looked down upon because they didn’t become famous through the traditional route. 

The point is, regardless of what stan twitter was saying, the viners were winning and I realized that when I watched the show.

Because vine was everywhere, the viners had a lot of fans. Their drama was all over Twitter and the best part about the show is when the drama comes up. The show is definitely more realish than any other reality TV show that I have encountered. My favorite part so far is when Cameron yells at Taylor Caniff because Taylor Caniff is pretty annoying + well hated on Twitter. 


Here’s what impressed me the most on the show. 

Cameron Dallas. 

In the show, Cameron describes how when he was first gaining a lot of relevancy, this wasn’t a game to him. He was tracking EVERYTHING. He was tracking how many likes he would get on an Instagram photo within the hour, how many impressions he causes on Twitter, how many revines he gets in a day, and more! This boy turned a hobby into a business and that’s why he branched out unlike his other vine buddies. Say what you want about Cameron but I am SHOOK. He’s smart. A true businessman. Some will argue that he’s fame hungry but so? He’s making a name for himself without stepping on others or using others as a stepping stool and many celebrities can’t relate to that. 


If you were like me and you don’t know what Magcon is and how it started, let me fill you in. 

Basically this guy, Bart, reached out to Cameron and was like, hey I have an idea to put a bunch of popular guys on tour together and you can all do your thing

MAGCON = Meet and Greet Convention.

Bart is now the CEO of the company Magcon. The Magcon groups are constantly changing. 

He’s in the photo; second guy from the right. 


It’s fucking genius. You take a bunch of Internet stars who are at their peak during a certain year and put them together! 

Quite frankly I don’t really know what they do on stage or if it’s even worth anyone’s time, but HELLO?? These people we make fun of and drag are making millions! Literally. 

Now I’m not saying “Stop hating while they’re making millions” because that would be a little hypocritical of me to say because many will argue that I am hateful to many stars whilst they make millions. 

What I’m saying is that I like what Cameron did. He took something and made a huge career out of it. Many vine stars faded along with the app, but not Cameron. He went on to make movies, have his own show, be invited to huge fashion events, and more. And I like that. I like how smart he is and how he handles himself. 

I respect what they do. And if you take some time and look at the work they put in, they actually have it harder than many celebrities. 

During the show, there’s a lot of problems within the tour because the talent isn’t made up of big stars therefore the people they work with, aren’t the most professional. What I mean by that is at one point during the show, the tour managers quit on them, took their equipment and just left in the middle of the show. Nothing is organized and Cameron is usually putting everyone in check and yelling at the CEO like “I pay you! Do your job or I’ll find someone else!”


Like okay damn. And yes that was a real quote from the show. 

If the 5 episodes I watched taught me anything, it’s that be like Cameron. He’s very smart and I was actually very impressed to see how he handles himself. I wouldn’t be surprised if he lasts in this industry. I mean vine is dead but he’s still making a name for himself as opposed to fading away with the app. Where’s Nash Grier, btw? Who cares! 

We have Cameron. Be like Cameron. 






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