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Exposed: Selena Gomez and The Weeknd. MORE ON THE 2015 JELENA CONTRACT + Bella Hadid.

Well well well, it seems as if Selena Gomez decided it was time to stop sucking the life out of Justin Bieber.

As you all probably know by now, Selena Gomez and The Weeknd (Abel) have been spotted together yesterday. They look cozy


You know I always find it funny how paparazzi always manages to randomly catch celebrities in such dark places. If that’s all it takes to meet a celebrity; walking around with a camera and suddenly spotting one, then let’s all be paparazzi! 

This is one of the rare occasions where Selena is spotted outside after her rehab visit. 

A. Selena After Rehab 

After rehab, Selena has been spotted a couple of times only, not including the AMAs since that was a work related event. 

At a hospital…


Aw, isn’t Selena cute when she doesn’t want to make people kill themselves?

Hanging out with friends..


Rarely out and about…


Any way you guys get the point. She’s been lowkey for a couple of months but i can tell you now that she ready to get back in action. 

B. Selena and The Weeknd

These candids came out today of Selena and The Weeknd yesterday, looking quite comfortable at the restaurant Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica.


Like, they’re literally making out. 

Now of course Selena’s #1 move to coming back to the industry is to start some headlines and obviously Selena by herself was boring people a little.

I mean even the exposed blog who has her name in their URL stopped talking about her.

As you can tell by the first part of the post, Selena hasn’t been seen with anyone else and has been spending most of her time in Texas. Today, we see that she debuted with her new beau and already making out with him when she’s only known him for what…? A day! Yeah, a day; not the Victoria Secret Secret Fashion in 2015 because that was a work related event and it does not count.

“Oh but they could have hung out and we could not have gotten pictures!”

Selena? Hanging out with a huge celebrity and we get no photos? Aw come on when does that happen?

But as we just established, she spent most of her time in Texas with family. And if you’re curious, The Weeknd was spending most of his time partying or filming. 

Here’s Abel filming on Jan 9.


Here he was partying on Jan 2.


If you have the energy to match up the dates, you’d realize that Selena was hanging out with either David Henrie or other friends. There’s other updates of Abel’s whereabouts but you get the point… I hope. 

Clearly there was no past relationship. 

If you’re a veteran exposingsmg reader, you probably saw this and thought “exposingsmg!” THEN you thought “This is PR” and…

You’re right. 

In our last Selena & drugs related post, we said the following. 


Read it here:

“Planning her comeback” Of course that comeback process consists of her of in a PR. Celebrities don’t just fall in love with each other and stick to playing a fair game. This is a dirty game! 

And I love how we she’s coming out of rehab and goes and hangs out with a known druggie like Abel. And by druggie, I mean like HARD DRUGS as he released confessed. 


And ironically, we were told just a couple of days ago that she was already relapsing. 

So much for those take home drug tests. 

As we all could’ve guessed, Selena’s fans are in the dark about everything. 


Big shocker. 

They’re all freaking out. Some are excited, some are sad (since it’s a well known fact that The Weeknd is a major druggie and didn’t Selena JUST come out of rehab? Yikes!) and some are confused. 

But I am here to tell you poor lost souls that Selena and The Weeknd are just together for PR. And i love how paps just randomly managed to get them in the dark and caught them off guard. 


Look at how taken back she is! It’s like she doesn’t even see the paparazzi!

Also, many celebrities go to Giorgio Baldi, but uh… why are they behind a DUMPSTER?? They’re literally waiting to get papped. 

Oh and that’s not all. According to my source, a couple of months ago Selena actually tried being friends with Bella Hadid, The Weeknd’s ex-girlfriend. 

They publicly hung out in October 2015. 


Lol isn’t this the same thing Selena did with Katy Perry? 


And then hooked up with her man while they were still together?


Oh and then starred in a music video with her bestie Taylor where they sang a song about Katy Perry? 


Selena probably thinks this is how girl power works…or she’s just a selfish snake but I’m not saying anything. 


Obviously, there’s no such thing as girl power in this industry and everyone is just trying to make a couple of big bucks because we have already established that Selena and Abel are PR. 

Also, they’re most likely working together hence this new relationship. This sounds familiar. A little too familiar….

Oh yeah! Because the same thing happened with Zedd like almost exactly two years ago. 


They were rumored to be dating and they were very close.. at least they seemed that way. The truth? Well we already revealed that to you here:


Messages from Jan. 14, 2015.

Then right after, Selena and Zedd released “I Want You To Know” the following month, they promoted the song, the song died and so did their relationship. 

You can read more about the real story behind Zedd and Selena here:

There’s two posts. 

So back to Abel and Selena, considering this is a PR and Selena is only known for her PRs, I expect even more from them. 

To summarize because I know that Selenators will be reading this and they’re kind of…. dumb, no offense!

  • Selena and Abel are a PR because it’s likely that they’re working together
  • Selena is not a good friend
  • Selena is only known for PRs

Now of course why Selena and Abel are big news is because of…. Justin! Everyone’s like “omg what does Justin think?” and whatever else. And of course my lovely readers are asking about their contract so we shall spill!

C. The 2015 Jelena Contract 

Sí. This is the same contract that had everyone mind blown. Mainly because i tweeted about it and then the next day, Justin and Selena were “hanging out.” This is also the same thought that pops in people’s heads whenever they hear the word “contract.”

Read all about the 2015 Jelena contract here:

We have more information. 

Drum roll please..


It’s over! 

Yes you read that correctly. 

According to my source, the official Jelena 2015 contract is over. 


Yes beliebers you may cry now. 

It’s finally come to an end but don’t rejoice yet. 

Remember we told you that the contract was signed in the first place to…

A. get Selena some easy promotion whenever she needs it by having Justin cause drama


B. have Selena and her team agree that they will not release any damaging things on Justin

If you’re new, both Justin and Selena have career damaging things on each other. Videos. Photos. Drug scandals. Blah blah blah. Also, Selena was the one who first leaked the weed pictures of Justin and helped damage his reputation some more for a couple of years. Yet I’m the psychotic one. 


Whatever. The point is that damaging material still exists so if some magical scandal gets released on Justin this year right after I tell you their contract of truce is over especially after Justin hasn’t suffered a scandal since I told you they signed it… well it proves us right again and Selena is once again shown as the bitter psycho she is. 

Hopefully Selena comes to her senses and doesn’t do that to him considering he hasn’t done anything to her and still treats her with respect. If she does, then we’ll do what we can to make sure Team Bieber retaliates. It will get messy and we doubt Selena wants that right now. We already told you who’s the stronger team and we all know what side Team Bieber really is on. 

So yeah that wraps up the Jelena contract. 

As for what Justin thinks about Selena and Abel. I doubt he even saw the news considering he doesn’t claim social media.


Also, Justin doesn’t give a fuck what Selena does with her life. She can’t say the same though. We’ve already mentioned this before, but Justin wishes Selena can move on and leave! him! alone!


^ mood. 

If you read our latest post about the Sofia Richie situation, then you know about Selena’s involvement with that.

And even if you don’t believe the inside info we told you about Jofia, well Selena still got involved in his drama publicly on Instagram. 

Speaking of Instagram, we have some interesting news regarding Justin and we’ll reveal that to you most likely tomorrow. 

Also, I don’t find it fair that Selena’s roach fans are like “Omg let Selena move on!” Like weren’t you the rats up Hailey Baldwin’s ass and hating on her and Justin every second and continuously comparing Hailey and Selena?

And didn’t all of Twitter like to claim that Justin was a cheater for moving on whilst being single? Yall don’t seem to recall but the exposingsmg team does and we will drag and expose! Expect that post this week. 


That’s it for this situation! To summarize

  • Selena and Abel are a PR because it’s likely that they’re working together
  • Selena is not a good friend
  • Selena is only known for PRs
  • Jelena contract is over
  • Justin doesn’t give a fuck what Selena does with her life, as long as he stays out of it

If the dms look a little cut off, it’s because my source and I were talking about several things and I only included the parts about Selena, Abel, and the Jelena contract. We talked about the instagram news I was just telling you about that will be coming in an upcoming post. 

So yeah, I hope you enjoyed! Leave me your thoughts. 






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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s contract is finally OVER.

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