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Exposed: Justin Bieber and Instagram. Is he coming back? More on his response to Selena commenting on his IG.

Justin’s Instagram days are notorious for deleting and posting Jelena photos constantly… until those days came to an end. Here is all you need to know about Justin and instagram. We’re also going to fill you in on Justin’s thoughts on Selena’s actions (commenting on his picture with Sofia), and more!


Justin deleted his Instagram on August 16, 2016 after Selena Gomez decided to butt into his life in such a passive aggressive manner. 


A. Jelena feat. Instagram

We already discussed how hypocritical Selena was, as she always is hence yesterday’s drama. We’re not going to get into the details, but just understand that the comment was planned by Selena’s team. However, Justin’s comment was not. We explained all that here -

The orginial plan was for Selena to comment, Jelena reunites as according to the now ex-contract, Selena releases or does something new. However that all didn’t happen considering Selena had to be locked in rehab

Now their ex-contract (oh it feels so good saying that) had Justin basically be forced into posting things on Instagram and starting drama because as you all should know the equation by now, Jelena + drama = attention = headlines = free promotion = more relevancy and fame. 

Read more about that here -

When Justin and Selena first started on a PR contract back in 2011, Justin was infatuated by Selena. Like he was IN LOVE even though they weren’t even dating for real. They later then started dating for real, broke up, and you should all know how it went from there. 


Selena was a big part of Justin’s life and he truly and genuinely loved her. Then she continued manipulating him, shading him, making him take responsibility for her addiction and problems, and yadda yadda we all know the story. 

Justin eventually saw the light and got over her psycho ass. However, he was still locked in a contract that basically forced him to still be legally bound to her. 

Whenever Selena would release something or when she’s about to release something, she would run back to Justin and he’d post an Instagram photo of them. We got the dates for that if anyone wants to put up an argument. 


You get the point. And yes if you’d like to go back and date check, all of those were surrounded some sort of project regarding Selena. I mean we have an entire post on that if anyone is trying to argue -

Children decided to believe that it’s just because Justin felt like posting and deleting and not because there was a legally binding contract involved (for 2015-2016) and manipulation occuring (2013-2014). Whatever. 


B. The result of posting and deleting Jelena pictures repeatedly 

Now as you should be able to tell from all this explanation I just wrote, Justin grew tired and hurt from this process. 

Posting and deleting pictures of your ex, someone who you used to love, is a tiring process. It hurt him because he went through a lot with Selena and she did a lot of hurtful things to him and everytime he would post a picture of them, he would be reminded of all of the pain he went through AND all of the good times that no longer exist. 

It’s depressing to continue to do that!

Put yourself in his place and let me know how that feels. 


So why did Justin delete his instagram in the first place? 

Deleting the instagram was like letting go of old and finished memories. 

I told you guys before that if it was up to Justin’s team, he wouldn’t have deleted his instagram because deleting a huge social media platform like that is advised against considering it’s a way to market your brand and promote yourself. However, Justin has more power than most stars so when he lashes out, he kind of does what he wants. 

C. What did Justin think about Selena commenting on his Instagram pictures of him and Sofia?

Because we love you guys, we are going to tell you how Justin felt about her commenting on his Instagram photo with Sofia Richie in the first place!

As we are all aware, Selena commenting in the first place made HER seem like some saint (I don’t know why) and Justin as the devil for simply saying.. hey stop hating on my friend. Till this day, I’m still conflicted as to why Beliebers were so hurt and to the point where they trended some dramatic ass trend like “#RIPBeliebers.” I assure you, Justin is conflicted too. 


My source tells me that Justin was telling a friend that when Selena commented and manipulated the situation, he releaized how much leverage he has given Selena, and how toxic that leverage was. 


The tables have turned. 

My boy finally came to his senses!

He realized the amount of power he gave her. Like I always said, Selena was able to start all of this drama and tarnish Justin’s image for so many years because HE allowed her too. He never fired back and when he did, he ended her and ended the contract. Bless. 

By now, his quote should make sense to you. 


Here’s his rant on this situation, which took place at his concert:

“Who thinks I should get my Instagram back?” *screams*  “Nah, I don’t want to get my Instagram back. Instagram is for the devil. I’m sure … I think hell is Instagram. I’m, like, 90 percent sure. We get sent to hell and we get, like, locked in the Instagram server. Like, I’m stuck in the DMs. I’m trying to climb my way out and I can’t.”

Lmao his analogy is actually really funny. 

If you don’t want to believe me when I tell you that Justin posting & deleting Selena pictures was usually out of his control, then why would he feel this way about Instagram if he truly WANTED to post those pictures? If he truly WANTED to cause all this chaos and Jelena drama, why would he describe Instagram as HELL? He literally says “I think hell is Instagram.”

I know I said that Justin is the king of drama and he loves to start it, but this is not the same case. 

Now I don’t blame stans for not understanding where he was coming from because unlike them, the exposingsmg team knows all the inside deets so we always understand why Justin does and says things. However, veteran readers, you should have been able to connect the dots. 

Moving onto to the final part of this post. 

D. Is Justin returning back to Instagram?

Well a while back, we told you that Justin will reactivate his Instagram after he deleted it. 


And so he did.. on August 29. 


However, he claims that it was an accident. When we were told that he was reactivating his Instagram, we weren’t told that he would reactivate for a total of like 5 minutes so in our defense, we didn’t tell you anything false. I doubt Justin told anyone his little plan to “accidentally” reactivate Instagram. 


You can’t accidently reactivate Instagram. It’s a whole process. It’s not like butt dialing someone. 

So why did he do that? Going back to the orginial point of Justin likes drama. 

Moving on. 

Will Justin be coming back to instagram?

Well my source tells me that Justin told a friend that he will be coming back to Instagram. He’s just happy that he took this break instead of reactivating his old one and remembering memories of Selena.

Let’s rejoice.


So that’s all for this post! I hope I cleared up a lot of things.

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