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Little Mix release sexy music video for Touch.

Mini review to keep all the anxious Mixers pleased until the Glory Days review. 

So I recently got into Little Mix when I opened up the reviews topic on this blog and so many people suggested that I’d review Get Weird, their 3rd album. I did, I loved it, I gave it 5/5 stars, and I bought it. Yes, I got into Little Mix a bit late, but better late than never. 


Obviously when Glory Days came out, it got my coins. I have been obsessed with Touch since I heard it and when I saw that it was going to be a single, I was shook. I already fell in love with their X-Factor performance of it. 


Little Mix were just made to perform, tbh. 

I just finished watching the music video and I like it! 

It’s nothing too special, but Little Mix’s charisma and presence, make it a good watch. It’s very colourful. Very spring meets summer so it automatically puts you in a good mood considering this gloomy weather mood. 


Some people didn’t like that Little Mix used green screens and just had plain and bright colors, but tbh, I appreciate Little Mix’s artistry because from what I’ve seen from them, all their videos are different. Compare this with their last music video, Shout Out To My Ex and then that with Hair, and so on, all their videos are different and new. 


I loved the sexy choreography. I feel like this is the first very “sexy” Little Mix video. I stalked their video discography when I was first getting into them and this video is definitely taking the sexier mature approach. 

I like that the video is sexy, but it doesn’t make you uncomfortable. It’s also not yawn-I’ve-seen-this-in-every-other-female-singer’s-video sexy. 


Bitch I love the sass! 


Strut, hunty. 


I adore Leigh-Anne’s outfit and let me tell you something, I am living for the background and the colorfulness of the video. I feel like I’m in a video game lowkey.


When Jesy did this, I was on the floor with her! I was really liking this part. 


Lowkey not understanding that weird leather body suit that Perrie is wearing over her hoodie, but her charisma and dancing makes up for it. 


Oh shit okay!

All in all, I am living for this video because it reminds me of girl group music videos back in the day. Back then, all they used to use were green screens so I really enjoyed how Little Mix accompanied a pop song from this generation, with a video that gives nostalgic feels to girl groups back in the day. It’s like the 80s meet 2017 and I’m really liking that. I am feeling their sexy choreography! I am so over the booty popping choreo and twerking you see in most female music videos nowadays, so I like that Little Mix mixed it up. Mixed it up? That wasn’t planned. 


Hope you enjoyed my review on their music video. Btw, this is the first time I review a music video so if you liked this, let me know if I should continue reviewing music videos.






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