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Trump’s Inaugural Concert FLOPS.

This is under the category pop culture news because only stan twitter would bring up attendance receipts. However, I do think it’s appropriate to mention the small amount showing up to Trump’s inaugural concert, compared to Obama for example. 


You might have a hard time spotting the difference between Trump’s concert or a tumbleweed in an empty desert. 

Trump was 15 minutes late to the concert where a bunch of washed up losers were performing. 

 One of them was actually a contestant on some show like X-Factor and The Voice and she lost… yet she’s performing at this concert because this is the only gig she could get. 

The only act you probably know is 3 Doors Down. I am sadly a fan… who has their albums. Guess I could put them to use when I go camping and use them to keep the fire lit. 

The hilarious part, is the # of people who attended. 


During the concert:

I’ve seen youtubers have a larger attendance than 10,000. 

And you know what’s hilarious? The fact that 80,000 people attended to see the celebrity president participate at a WWE event. 

However, I am a little confused to how he got this far yet nobody attended his inaugural concert.. 

But just for jokes, let’s take a look at Obama’s inaugural concert where 400,000 attended!

Trump even had the nerve to say “They never had so many people.”


His 10k attendance vs. Obama’s 400k. 

It seems like the president of America (the same America I no longer claim), is a bit senile. 

Anyways, enjoy these great excerpts from a review on this concert, that gave me laugh!


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