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Selena Gomez can’t stop looking at the paparazzi while with The Weeknd.

They were spotted yesterday, but you probably didn’t know that since the hype for this PR couple died down after we exposed them and everyone, including the media, caught on. 


Selena and Abel were hanging out with friends, at Dave & Buster’s. 


Look at their teams finally taking the approach to showcase them as a genuine couple innocently playing games at Dave & Buster’s with their friends considering their first public appearance was at a restaurant that celebrities go to, to get photographed. 


It’s also the same night where they waiting behind a dumpster until the paps snapped the pictures then proceeded to leave. 

Now that’s how to NOT sell a PR stunt. But the general public definitely bought it. 

Here’s Selena’s photographer’s Instagram story from last night:


Nice to see him onboard with this considering how touchy they usually are.

Selena and Abel were then leaving and I truly do not understand why Selena has to stare at the paparazzi cameras. 


This isn’t her first PR. Sell! The! Part! Sel! She was definitely drunk or high on something so I understand that if she wasn’t thinking of the PR rules. 

Also, Abel isn’t selling the part either. 


His face says “I’m about to push this bitch down the stairs.”

I mean I know we told you in our last post that he’s actually annoyed by her, but I didn’t think Abel would prove us right that quickly! 


They remind me of Taylor Swift and Harry Styles back in their short lived relationship. 


They look smitten to you guys? Uh ok. 

Of course we aren’t surprised to see E! News kiss ass and well.. do their job. I mean celebrity teams don’t pay them for no reason! 


Just because your backs are turned doesn’t mean the paparazzi stopped following! Keep holding hands guys!! Look smitten like E! News claims!


They’re going to up their PR game ladies and gents. 






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