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New post on Selena Gomez and The Weeknd TOMORROW.

We got some scalding tea to spill. That plus an update with Selena’s drug addiction. There’s a plot twist there. No it’s not being sober. 

UPDATE: This post will be rescheduled to be posted Jan 29. Sorry. 


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“These pictures are from today. Selena and Abel have flew to Italy and they’re at some museum which apparently the paparazzi have been allowed to enter. Or whoever took these pictures. Maybe fans, who knows? I just thought photography isn’t allowed in most museums but maybe it’s allowed in this one. But can we please talk about Selena’s obvious awareness of the cameras’ presence? Selena is posing the way someone would if they’re told “the cameras are here! ACT NORMAL!!!” But instead she’s just acting weird. Anyways, so before these photos came out my source texted me some VERYYY juicy deets on these two. And of course we are going to reveal. I’m not home now but hopefully I get this post up tonight. Give your thoughts in the comments below!”

See you then. 






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