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Selena Gomez Deletes Instagram Video of The Weeknd


Selena then DELETED the video almost directly afterwards.

What does this remind us of? Oh yes! When Justin Bieber would always post pictures of Selena on Instagram because his PR contract told him to!

If Selena and The Weeknd were in love and wanted to share their relationship on social media, then so be it. However, why delete the video to begin with? One simple and very easy word.


Because what is the equation, veteran exposingsmg readers?

Drama = attention = headlines = publicity = more relevance = more fame.

Simple as that. Selena is doing what Justin was doing before. Following the PR contract.

We talked about them most recently in this post:

All Selena PR contracts are the same and stem from the same tactics. Curious to what more Abel and Selena will do? Just look up Jelena’s PR tactics on this blog. 






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Is being an actor just as dangerous as being a singer? You know since you say singers barely have any control in their lives and go through some dark stuff to get higher in the popularity chart.

Exposed: Selena Gomez’s addiction continues + The Weeknd isn’t JUST her PR buddy no more.