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Well well well…

For people who are just obsessed with Selena and have no sources at all, we are quite good at this being proved right again game. I mean this happens all the time to the point that the exposingsmg team got used to it, but it’s still a party. 

If you checked social media recently, you probably know that Justin Bieber is back on instagram after taking a 6 month break. 


Justin ended up deleting his instagram after his public fight with ex, Selena Gomez. 

That night was hilarious for two things….

1. Selena continued looking like a psycho obsessed stalker. 

2. Justin also proved us right again that night. 

You can read the post from that night here:

Now that we all know Justin is back on instagram, let’s have a little flashback to January 13, 2017.


The exposingsmg team told you ALL that our source came with info about Justin’s instagram status. The bolded print reads: Justin told a friend he will be coming back to instagram.  Date: Jan 13, 2017

Read that post here:



The funny part is that our source told us this two days before we posted that previous post. 


The date says January 11. 

Anyway let’s try and knock out the famous excuse that I KNOW I’ll see later tonight.

oh who am i kidding? You people will still say this even after reading it.  

“We all knew Justin was coming back.”

No you didn’t. You couldn’t have. Justin was going around talking about how instagram was for the devil and he didn’t even come back after a month or two. It was SIX. And it’s quite funny how Justin’s been on an instagram break for six months and the second we say he will make a return, he makes one less than a month later. Someone reads esmg…


We see you! 

Anyways, we have even more scalding tea on Selena Gomez and The Weeknd so we are going to be revealing that to you very soon! Most likely this weekend. It’s about upcoming Selena & Abel deets. ;)

Also, we did not get a chance to thank you guys for OVER 2 MILLION HITS on ExposingSMG! You guys are the reason we keep writing and exposing! We can easily keep all the information to ourselves but we are loyal to you guys and we try to get to everyone’s requests because you deserve to have your questions answered. Honestly, if it wasn’t because of you guys, our loyal readers, we wouldn’t keep writing but like I said, you deserve scalding tea every second of the day. Aside from that, we have created little exposers within you all. Before I post about a PR, you guys have already called it out! On top of that, you guys are WOKE! Whether it’s about politics, publicity stunts, or media games, you guys remain woke and that makes us proud. We love you all so much. Thank you for always reading. 


I was looking through old messages with our source and I don’t know if I posted this message previously or not. Anyways, thought you’d be interested in it:






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Selena Gomez likes more videos shading Justin Bieber.

Is being an actor just as dangerous as being a singer? You know since you say singers barely have any control in their lives and go through some dark stuff to get higher in the popularity chart.