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You just don't get it. Donald Trump banned Muslims from USA because he fear that they will make problems. They made problems in the whole world if you didn't already know. I know all Muslims are not ISIS, but ISIS are Muslims based on their religion. Trump doesn't know if the Muslim who enters the USA is ISIS or just normal Muslim so he have to ban every Muslim FOR NOW. That won't last forever.


I’m going to explain why this statement is wrong. I’m going to do it nicely because I can tell you think what he’s doing is good. So I won’t yell or treat you like a selenator.

-Banning someone from entering a country because your are suspicious of their religion is ILLEGAL (I know how much you people like that term)
-The last real attack the USA had was 9/11 and almost everyone lowkey knows that was a government set up (they weren’t too careful with erasing their tracks. I was planning on exposing what’s odd about that event earlier this year but I never finished it. Soon.) that was 16 years ago.
-If Isis is Muslim then why do they kill other Muslims? A fun activity to blow off steam?
-if muslims are terrorist because the Quran tells them to behave in such violent ways then why do they get punished by their god for killing someone or terrorizing them for no reason?
-There have been more white schools shooters killing people/more people being killed because of guns then Muslim refugees have ever killed. The ban isn’t fair and for you to say “oh don’t worry it will be all over in about 5 years!!1!” Is what’s called privilege.


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