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Exposed: A more scandalous look into The Weeknd and Selena Gomez’s relationship.

We were supposed to post this in the very beginning of February but life got in the way. But hey! At least we’re posting it before the Grammys in which we suspect some drama to commence! 


We’ve had a couple of Abelena posts which you can read here. We have only had 3 exposed posts on the two which I suggest you to read to get alllllll the inside deets of this relationship. 

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I won’t repeat previous information so make sure to read the linked posts. 


So in early February, our source came to us with more information regarding Selena & Abel’s PR contract! We told you that Abel was basically blackmailed into a PR with her and there’s actually another reason to why he agreed to it. 

Our sources have told you all before that Selena Gomez has been struggling with drug addiction for roughly 4 years now. She has made 2 rehab visits for “lupus” and continually relapsed. Abel on the other hand does a lot of hard drugs which he came clean about unlike his PR buddy. He has tried to quit and failed.

My source tells us that celebrities who do really heavy drugs (Selena & Abel), they have this contact that they go through which in simpler terms is undercover illegal drug buying. But not your usual late-night-corner-broke-guys selling you crack. No no. We’ll get into that in a moment. 

But for all you morons who are like “But Selena has never been caught buying/seen with drugs!” really don’t know the extent of these secret contacts that celebrities have. I personally knew about it for years because we expose Hollywood, but I didn’t actually know that Selena & Abel were linked to these people. I should have known honestly. You can’t be a huge celebrity and live off your drug dealing friends forever.

What you have to know about this contact that celebrities go to, is that you can’t really find out who it is. They’re up there with the rest of the dark side of Hollywood. Sometimes celebrities don’t even speak to them themselves. They just have their assistant do the dirty work. 


So yeah. Selena and Abel are linked to that contact. My source says it’s “tragic” and I mean, yeah it kind of is. You know damn well you have an addiction and a problem if you are linked to the higher up drug dealers of Hollywood. 

Another reason to why Abel agreed to this PR with Selena beside the blackmailing is because of this elite drug contact, according to my source. 

People do anything for drugs, damn. 

Also, my source tells me that Selena’s team had a list of male celebrities, who were mostly models, willing to be in a PR contract with Selena.


And if you don’t know, that is generally how PR contracts work. That was also the same story for Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid. Gigi was on the list of people willing to be in a PR with Zayn. We had an entire exposed post on them and you can check that out here -

As we have told you in the past, Selena’s team are taking the more explicit approach with Selena this era. it’s going to be very mature and sexual and Abel was the perfect person to force into a PR with Selena. Aside from that, they both do their secret share of drugs. 

Moving on. 

Selena and Abel’s teams have already did the job of selling stories to the media about how they’re working together. So we recently said in a post that there’s some sort of video that they are working on as of now. 


So this is all subject to change, but my source tells me that this video that they’re doing is “real dark with neon lights” and will be giving off some sort of sexual vibe to match Selena’s upcoming explicit era. 


Again, all subject to change, but that’s the plan right now. We’ll see if we can get more information on when this video might be released or if it will be. Idk. 

How do we know? Well we abide by the second most important rule on exposingsmg and that is to never reveal your sources. What is the first? Don’t spill fake information before karma catches up to your ass. 

My source also tells me that Selena has some new topless photo shoot coming out soon.

That’s all for tonight! We hope you enjoyed this scalding tea and here’s the messages between my source and I. 







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