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Justin Bieber trolls stans and hangs out with Alfredo Flores. Plus, why did Selena Gomez NOT attend the #Grammys?

Instead of attending the Grammys, Justin Bieber went on a livestream and chilled. One fan asked him, “what is your favorite song?” and he replied by saying “Starboy by The Weeknd” and starting cackling. Watch the video yourselves:


If you’re new to exposingsmg, then let me fill you in a bit on Alfredo Flores. 

Alfredo Flores is a backstabbing leech who is NOT a good friend to Justin Bieber considering how many times he reports back to still-bitter-ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez with information on Justin’s life. We will not go into that but there’s an entire post about that mess involving Justin’s Hawaii vacation and little fling with Sofia Richie; which all go back to Alfredo. 

Read the post:


Tonight, Justin did his annual once-in-a-year-hanging-out with the snake and my source and I had a lot to say. Again, if you’re fond of Alfredo, so be it. But just read the post I just linked before continuing to read this one. 

My source says that she hopes Justin watched what he said around Alfredo tonight, because anything he said will be reported back to Alfredo’s bestie and obsession, Selena. 


*all messages will be posted at the end of the post*

Justin is suspicious of Alfredo but him and Alfredo never really had some huge fallout. At least not that we heard of. On top of that, their relationship couple be described as complicated since Alfredo is both really close with Justin and Selena. 

We, the exposingsmg team, think something fishy is taking place. Let me tell you the order of events. 

1. Selena and The Weeknd were originally planning on attending the Grammys together and walking. This was discussed between mutuals and both their teams leaked that out to media outlets who posted daily about…

a. Abel changing Selena’s Grammy seat to sit next to him. 

b. Abel and Selena attending the pre-Grammy party (they didn’t). 

c. Abel and Selena walking the red carpet together. 

What really happened?

2. Abel PERFORMED but DID NOT walk the red carpet. This is rare unless you’re Beyonce and you’re planning on making a dramatic entrance. Also this seemed like a last minute change in plans. 


3. Selena did not attend despite telling friends she was going (message at the end of the post). 

4. Fast forward to a couple of days before the Grammys and Selena was liking Jelena throwbacks on Instagram. 


5. During Grammy night, Justin ditches the Grammys after being urged to go by his team and hangs out with the snake, Alfredo. 

*The last time this happened, we got Justin and Hailey Baldwin’s almost-relationship to be completely dead, Selena’s mutuals got Justin and Sofia Richie set up, and Alfredo was the rat in the middle.”

I mean call it a reach all you want but everything seems suspicious to me. There’s definitely a reason to why Selena did NOT attend the Grammys and we are going to find out why. 


As for Justin not attending, it’s plain and simple. 

He did not want too. 

His team urged him to go and even sources thought he would make a surprise appearance, but nope. He refused and chilled around LA instead of going.


Justin is OVER the fame life for many many reasons. If you were with us back in 2013 and 2014, you would know why. All of that will be explained in the “Justin As A Person” post which yes, contrary to popular belief, is in the works! Sorry for how late it is, but Alana worked on it last night and it’s halfway done. Because we love you, she wrote it in chronological order and I guarantee after that post, you should understand Justin 100%. I also feel like the post will scare him a bit from how indepth and detailed it is. He probably gonna think we have a chip in his brain or something. But just for now, read Justin’s essay on how he hates award shows. 


That sums up why he did not attend. 

As for Alfredo and Justin, again, we do not trust him. 

We linked a video of Justin trolling stans by saying his favorite song is Starboy by The Weeknd and then dying of laughter. Just a couple of weeks ago he said that he doesn’t even listen to The Weeknd because he’s whack. 


Everything Justin does is to troll stans. Plus he’s petty and loves making drama. What he loves more is the meltdowns of things he does. Overall, that’s who Justin is as a person and we can understand if you don’t get that side of him since he hasn’t shown it in a while. Again, this will all be explained in the Justin As A Person post (yes it’s halfway done!). He’s always joking like this. Even back on social media when him and Hailey Baldwin were close. He would always say things like “ew” “you fool!” and overall just poke fun at situations. So don’t mistake Justin trying to joke around with you as him being some shady leech. He isn’t making fun of people in a hateful way, he isn’t trying to drag someone in a poorly choreographed dance routine, and he isn’t liking hateful pictures of other people on Instagram. 

In other words, he’s not Selena Gomez. 


Here are the messages between my source and I which will explain a little bit more on Alfredo. 

The following message is before the Grammys.


During the Grammys:







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