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Exposed: Fifth Harmony - Part 3; EVERYTHING. Camila’s Solo Contract, 4H’s relationship with Camila & each other, Lauren’s girlfriend, Camren, drugs, and MORE.

Due to the fact that our first two exposed posts on Fifth Harmony were such a hit because literally most of the main points we exposed to you in those posts, were later confirmed by Fifth Harmony themselves, we are back due to high demand.

Yesterday we posted a post about all the times we were proven right about Fifth Harmony:

So that’s just a reminder for stans not to get brave with us like they did last time. 

And uh.. sorry for this taking a million months to be up. 

You guys asked your Fifth Harmony questions and we are here to answer them as well as reveal and explain more with the whole situation. 


Disclaimer: Everything in this post is according to a source unless otherwise stated. 

For all the stans who sent me hate for “lying” with my first two posts on Fifth Harmony, it’s not too late to send your apologies. I’m still accepting don’t worry. 

Read our first two posts on them before continuing on with this post to avoid confusion. 

1. Fifth Harmony Exposed: Part 1

2. Fifth Harmony Exposed: Part 2

Here’s the messages of Camila vs. 4H


Camila responds. 


Fifth Harmony claps back.


1. Is 5H3 still happening?


In one the first posts I just linked, I told you all that 5H3 was indeed happening as of now because that’s what their contract is permitting. I also stated some other reasons to be the fault behind if 5H3 don’t happen which all go back to a loophole in the contract. I’ll get to how Camila was able to snake her way out of 5H3 in a moment. So the plan still stays as I told you all in October and as the 5H girls told you later on in December. 

*When this post was in the drafts, it was before 5H posted anything on social media about them being in the studio and whatnot.* 


Many people thought they’re getting dropped because their albums flop. 


Yeah Fifth Harmony’s albums flop and that’s why they’re not as rich as they’re supposed to be since they live off streams as opposed to actual sales, but they still sell well single wise therefore their label wouldn’t drop them based on that especially because it’s part of the contract to make a third album to begin with. 


Also, I am aware of artists making money off of streams, but the labels always want the artists to SELL more because overall they make more money and profit. Streams have nearly killed the music industry (many artists are lowkey going broke because of this) so that’s why Billboard just recently set out a new rule stating that streams won’t impact as much as they used too. 

2. How did Camila get out of 5H3?

Contracts, renewals, and its loopholes. 

Usually when groups are signed, there are restrictions put on the artists. Restrictions like what? Restrictions like you can’t do solo things for the time being. I believe One Direction’s contract worked that way which is why none of them embarked on solo careers whilst with the group. Their team was beyond strict and mental so even if there was a loophole that the 1D members could find, they’d be thretened into not messing everything up. 


Why do I say messing everything up? As I explained in my other Fifth Harmony posts, once a member does solo work while still with the group, that member, in this case it’s Camila, puts the rest of the solo careers of the other members in jeopardy. If you’re out here making connections first and riding off of the group’s current relevancy and success, you’re snatching everything away FIRST whether that is connections, headlines, the relevancy, and so on. I’ll get into that more later in the post when discussing 4H and Camila’s current relationship.

So as you can tell by the two solo songs Camila has released with her time in Fifth Harmony; I Knew What You Did Last Summer and Bad Things, her contract didn’t restrict solo activity god knows why. I’m still in shock on how Camila released two singles during her two albums with Fifth Harmony like wow.. okay. 

“But Angela, Lauren just released a single with someone else.”

Yeah I’m aware, but she did it how many years later? I presume that once they renewed the contract or whatever they did, she was allowed to work on solo material. Because guess what? All the girls worked on solo things. However, they weren’t exactly allowed to release it the way Camila did. 


Back to the contract loopholes and Camila, remember how I was explaining the reasoning behind why 5H3 could possibly not happen?

Here is exactly what I said:

“So yes, as of now, you should expect a third album. This is subject to change if anyone buys them out of their contract (very unlikely) or if there’s some sort of loophole to enable them to substitute something to fulfill that requirement (an EP, compilation album, special holiday album, etc.) or even get them out of that requirement completely.” (X)

Camila was able to get out of the contract with 5H due to renewal deals and loopholes. Plus she was never restricted considering the solo work she was doing while with the group. On top of that, her management was able to make a deal with Fifth Harmony’s management, which we will get into that later.  

Also, as I said in the first post, Camila has only continued with Fifth Harmony to make a name for herself and then leave them regardless. That was her intention all along (which was later confirmed). Therefore, of course her contract was edited to allow her to do all of that shit. 


That article came out Jan. 9, 2017. I told you that information in October 2017. 

Let me repeat. 

Camila only chose to go on with Fifth Harmony to make a name for herself in the industry since it would be harder to start from scratch especially since they all already made some sort of name for themselves because of X-Factor. IT WAS HER INTENTION ALL ALONG TO LEAVE FIFTH HARMONY. Were the girls aware? Nope. 

3. Is Taylor Swift the reason for Camila’s departure? 


No. As I just said, it was Camila’s intention ALL ALONG to continue with Fifth Harmony and leave them asap. When she started gaining solo success, that’s when she left but she’ll eat shit later on when she sells less than she did with Fifth Harmony. 

Please remember what I’m about to say; the pop girls have a hard time selling albums. Fifth Harmony themselves can’t sell albums. Camila Cabello, someone who already looks like a snake because of all that she pulled while in Fifth Harmony, will not sell albums. You got to have some serious selling power to sell albums and Camila does not have that. 

And yes, I will be truly shocked if she pulls through. 

Moving onto Camila’s relationship with Taylor Swift. 


I recently had a post exposing Taylor’s two squads in which Camila was mentioned, so you should check it out here: 

Camila was able to make connections with Taylor who has a lot of power in the industry. Taylor could always put in a good word for you to producers, CEOs, managers, other artists and etc. Camila saw that potential and made sure to squirm her way into Taylor’s group. And considering nearly 90% of Taylor’s life revolves around publicity and appealing to the general public, Taylor takes whatever form of publicity is thrown at her. 

Camila getting all this new promo and getting to go to events like the Grammys is because her team is getting her those slots. I saw Camila stans dragging 4H for not attending the Grammys and making it some big deal that Camila attended. If some loser wearing a Trump dress can go to the Grammys, anyone can. 


Plus, your manager and agents get you those slots. 

However if you’re asking if Taylor is the reason for Camila’s split from Fifth Harmony, the answer is no. Besides, you can’t make someone do something they don’t want to do in this case. I’ll tell you right now that Camila pitched her solo ideas to Taylor as she does to anyone and Taylor (even though she doesn’t like her that much) said things like “Oh I got your back!” she’s still not the reason for her split from 5H. Again for the millionth time, Camila has BEEN planning to split from Fifth Harmony and she felt like she was ready when her solo material entered the top 10 on Billboard, shockingly. 

Someone warn Camila that a top 10 with a feature doesn’t mean anything nor can it build a career. She’ll find out the devastating way and there won’t be a Fith Harmony to crawl back to unless their last hope is a Fifth Harmony reunion. 

4. Is 4H’s jealousy of Camila the reason she left? More on 4H’s relationship.


It’s not that 4H were jealous of Camila, but they found it unfair that she was jeopardizing their future solo careers by snatching the solo opportunities before anyone else can. So of course there was some sort of jealousy but it wasn’t without reason. But 4H do like being in the group a lot regardless of their solo dreams. They were more hurt that Camila was abandoning the group more than they were “jealous.” 


On top of that, Camila shit talked the crap out of them to everyone. We will get into Camila a bit more as a person later on, but regarding 5H, she was not nice. 

She kept her solo things a secret from the girls. She wasn’t talking to them about it and including them. Yes they were aware she was doing solo things, but for the most part, she kept her little meetings a secret. She wouldn’t share things she was working on. She did everything as if it was WRONG. Guess what? It was. If she wasn’t betraying 4H and jeopardizing their solo careers, then she would be able to talk to them about it. But no. Like a little snake, she did things privately. If it wasn’t wrong, why was she hiding from them? 

So with Camila being a little snake, the other 4 shut her off from their relationship. She betrayed them and continued to do so, knowing how it made them feel, but she is an opportunist who did what she can do to get more famous. On the 7/27 tour, they did not hang out together at all. 4H got along pretty well but Camila’s friends on tour were anyone trying to help her with her solo career. So yes, while on the GROUP TOUR, she was still planning solo projects. And it’s not like she was sad that the other 4 stopped talking to her. She just took that as “oh more time to do solo things!” 

She recently said in her interview with Billboard that she “feels alive” now that she left Fifth Harmony. Yeah because she’s no longer swimming around in a pool of secrets anymore. She’s just doing it in public now.


I have some interesting tea about Camila’s solo contract and what was said in it, so I’ll get to that later on in the post. 

5. Will 4H last long enough?


As of now, I’m aware that they’re supposed to be releasing a third album together and that’s it for Fifth Harmony unless they renew a new contract that enables them for a 4th album. So I’m going to go with 5H3 being their last album. They could sign on for more though. 

Also, you know how they started off their PCA performance saying “We ain’t worried about nuthin” Uh.. you could say that. But they sure as hell don’t want to sell less than they did with Camila. So that’s one thing they are worried about. 

6. Does 4H get along better than Camila?


They could barely stand Camila’s snake ass ways. Even their families were annoyed at Camila because she was being….. a rat. 


Normani was the first one I believe, to stop getting along with Camila. She confronted her. Normani doesn’t fuck with fake shit. She calls it how it is and that’s what happened. 


Camila only looks out for herself. 

7. Why did MGK and Shawn get involved in the drama between Camila vs. 4H?

MGK and Shawn are friends of Camila so they were asked to back up Camila. Who they going to back up? Camila or her ex-group who was exposing her on social media?

Here’s what MGK said:


“I know Camila. There is no, like, trickery going on. There’s no behind-the-back stuff.”


LMAOOO at the time he said that, he literally knew Camila for like 2 months and that was barely. He doesn’t know any of the shit that went on with the group considering he didn’t know any of them personally. He barely knows Camila. And then he acts like Fifth Harmony were bullying her on social media for exposing the truth. And Camila and ‘innocent girl’ do not belong in the same sentence. His old ass is just happy his song finally saw the Billboard charts. 

Here’s what Shawn said:


Shawn is overall an innocent and nice guy. I don’t see anything wrong with what he said. He clearly took her side since well he’s supposed to. 


How would it look like if he sided with 4H and not the girl he collabed with. The funny part is he didn’t wanna side that much with Camila when she was saying a bunch of racist shit publicly. 

8. Camila’s Solo Contract

I had an entire little section talking about Camila’s solo team and their little tactics in the first 5H exposed. I would just copy and paste it here, but it’s very long. So go read it first if you haven’t already. It’s Part E - 

One of the questions I was asked was if Camila’s team is milking the “Camila is a victim!” story.


The answer is, yes they are. Camila is far from a victim. And that’s the whole marketing plan behind Camila. They’re telling her to act like she had a reason to leave despite her just being selfish. I recently had a post on that here -

Camila left Fifth Harmony for three main reasons. 

A. Because that was her plan all along. She wanted to be a solo star from the beginning. 

B. She got offered way more money than she did in Fifth Harmony. When she was offered the whole solo deal, what wooed her was the fact that she was getting way more out of it. Getting paid for being a snake? Sign her up. 

C. Lauren Jauregui. Like we said before, Camila and Lauren had a relationship. We had an entire post about that so read that here -

I already linked everything I’m re-linking. It’s just annoying when people ask us questions that we have clearly explained in posts. 


Anyways. What we did not touch upon on that topic was that their breakup ended very badly. There was a lot of tension and a lot of petty drama going on. Btw, their relationship was still going on up until 2015. Like it was on and off, according to my sources. So yes even though Camila was doing solo stuff, her and Lauren were doing some solo things as well. And because of that relationship, Lauren tried to defend her to the other 3, as we told you all before. Lauren then got sick of her and her little ways. 

9. Lauren and her girlfriend, Lucy Vives. 

No they are not a PR and let me go into that for a little while. 


Lucy Vives is Lauren’s childhood friend. She’s not famous. 


PR (public relationship) contracts happen to increase publicity, fame, cover up a scandal, or promote something. Sometimes, it happens for all those reasons. 

Lucy is not famous therefore Lauren can’t date her for publicity. On top of that, if Lauren were to do a PR, it would be someone who’s more famous than her, not someone who isn’t famous at all. Second of all, they’re not in everyone’s faces like a PR would be. Check out my girl Selena Gomez’s PRs with Justin Bieber (2010-2011, 2014-2016), The Weeknd (2017-), Charlie Puth (2016), Zedd (2014), etc etc. 


Lauren and Lucy were hooking up on and off for many years. Also, Lauren and Camila were both advised not to come out by management for many years. Lauren then sort of went against that advisement when she did come out as bisexual in her essay to Trump. 


She did deny being bi before though. 


That’s her tumblr. 

10. What Camila said in her recent interviews

This is from Billboard. 


1. They do not want to talk her. She’s someone who betrayed them, shit talked them, swam in secret solo things whilst doing group projects, used the group’s fame to promote her solo things while not claiming the group, and so much more. All those little petty things she did, made them want nothing to do with her which is why during their last era together, they barely spoke. As I said before in one of my Tell Alls, 5H’s management tried to control the situation but Camila would not comply (5H came out later to say the same).

Who are you going to believe? The ones who stood by the group and are finishing an era (guess what? Fifth Harmony is going on tour in Asia because the 7/27 era was never finished!) or are you going to believe the girl who snaked around and did projects to benefit herself while with her group? 


2. “It makes me sad.” The way the whole thing went down is due to things SHE started. She’s the first domino in all of this. And she’s not sad at all, trust me. 

3. She knew damn well no one approved of her refusing to stay committed to the group as opposed to putting the rest of their solo careers in jeopardy by trying to live off of the group’s fame and at the same time not claim them. Even on the GROUP TOUR, she only did her part on the stage, but never off of it. No one was shocked that she left Fifth Harmony, but it was weird when she did. Why? Because she left in the middle of an era. And that was a bitch move. She wanted to start the new year focusing on her solo career so despite the 7/27 tour not being over, she left. Do you not see how shady that is to FANS? Imagine how the group felt. She made choices for HER, not caring what the ratifications will do to others. And that is exactly why I do not side with Camila in all of this. 


This is from Seventeen. 


First of all, no one in Fifth Harmony put in effort in their music. They were just handed lyrics to sing to and beats to dance to. They barely did shit for the first two albums except show up to sing and dance. So I 100% understand where Camila is coming from regarding the whole no musical expression thing and she has a point. Fifth Harmony’s team have an image in their mind that they want to fulfill. And the girls never gave in anything that their team liked. So instead, they were handed everything. 

Something you should know though is that Camila kept all her ideas to herself. Like she said, she would lock herself in her bathroom and work on her own things. She didn’t want to cooperate with the group. She saw the 7/27 album as something she had to do to get rid of.


Anyways, Lauren then tweeted the following shortly after Camila’s Seventeen interview came out. 


11. More Individual questions from readers


I honestly don’t know what’s the deal with that now. The reason they did not get a say before was because they didn’t offer what their team wanted. As stated earlier in the post, their team had an image of Fifth Harmony that they wanted to fulfil. It was that “sexy” image and the ideas Fifth Harmony ever pitched, were looked down upon. That is also one main thing Camila hated. Maybe if they pitch things the team like, it’ll make it on the album.


That all depends on circumstances. Right now, their team are working on making 4H appeal to the general public. They told the girls that they have to seem stronger than ever and to be on the same page right now. The group is the main priority right now. And the it girl thing changes depending on who the general public favors. The “it girl” was always in running between Lauren and Camila. Although to my understanding, I believe it’s Lauren who has the better solo chances after the group disintegrates. 


Shawn and Taylor did have an idea. Something I know is that Camila would always pitch solo things to Taylor. Plus Camila shit talked the group a lot. I don’t know if she did to Shawn. But Shawn and Taylor were aware of the group’s issues. And because Camila can never keep her mouth shut and has always told one side of the story, to the people she spoke to, it makes it seem like she was bullied in the group. No. That’s just Camila over exaggerating and telling one side that was barely true. Besides, she always thought she was better than them since the beginning. As for Ariana, they’re not really close to her + I haven’t been told anything dealing with Ariana and them. As for Demi, Demi stopped claiming Fifth Harmony after they went on tour with her. As far as I’m aware, she wasn’t in the loop nor does she care. 


Based on what I know, they are close. 


Camila’s album is due for a fall release. I don’t know when 5H3 will be released since it’s not even finished. 


Their team bought the rights to the names 5th Harmony, 4th Harmony, H4rmony, for several reasons. Firstly, they wanted to exercise all their options. Adding a new girl to the group did cross their mind in order to maintain the name “Fifth” Harmony. They wanted it to correspond with the # of girls in the group too. The thought of changing the group’s name was also brought up which is why they bought the rights to that too. Ideas were pitched to use the 4th Harmony name as well as keep the Fifth Harmony name as well. As of now, I believe they are sticking with the name Fifth Harmony. If they were to change the name, it would be when they announce 5H3. 


Camila and Shawn had to do their share of PR when they promoted their song, I Knew What You Did Last Summer. Are they in a PR now? No, not to my knowledge. They’re friends. 


So I addressed the contract thing earlier in this post. And as Fifth Harmony said, they knew Camila was leaving in November. Camila leaving Fifth Harmony was kind of sudden to them because Camila did a lot of things in secret as I said. The PLAN for Camila to leave has BEEN in motion though. And as for the PR, no Lucy and Lauren are not a PR. As for MGK and Camila, they just have to sell the act. For the past year, Camila and 4H were a PR tbh. They had to act like everything was all peachy when it was not. 


No they’re not friends with Camila. As I said, they feel betrayed by her. 


Lauren is a good person who does care a lot about real world issues despite little lingering secrets of hers that I have yet to reveal. She does have an odd taste in hookups. 

And Lauren would always defend Camila to the other girls since she cared for her. As stated in our Camren post, Lauren will always care for Camila and vice versa. But right now, she’s hooking up with others. There’s no way to “predict” what is to happen with Camren, but as of now, no one from 5H really talks to Camila. 

I don’t know if anyone else in the group didn’t get along. There are always the petty arguments but nothing big like what happened with Camila. 

And Lauren and Lucy are very close. They’ve had an off an on again fling for a while now but based on my knowledge of Lauren’s other hookups that I just mentioned, I would say they are not exclusive. 

12. A breakdown of 5H as people


I really like this picture. 

Camila - As you can already tell, Camila is the type of person to do whatever benefits herself first, regardless of whom it’s hurting. Don’t worry, Camilla won’t think twice before throwing you under the bus. She says some very racist things in her free time and she talks shit A LOT. She shit talks whenever she wants to feel relatable. When she hangs out with other bigger stars, she shit talks her group and shit talks whoever the bigger celebs are shit talking about, to fit in. An example of that would be whenever she would hang out with Taylor Swift. Taylor being the petty almost-30-year-old she is, would shit talk Katy Perry a lot. Camila would then give in her two cents on Katy to appeal to her master, Taylor. Camila is also the type to victimize herself A LOT. A lot of the shit she says is always throwing blame on someone else. She doesn’t really own up to anything. She’s more of a follower than a leader when with other big celebs. She’s also a kiss ass. She’s not as woke as you may think she is. However, she’s not evil. She’s a rat yes, but she’s not evil. She does have a lot of passion for music. She does care for her fans. She has a good relationship with her family. She isn’t a monster. I know this post made it seem like Camila is a demon, but honestly, I was just writing her actions. I read her Billboard cover story and I see that she’s very passionate and a good person. But she will do what she can to benefit herself and that’s someone I don’t trust. 


Lauren - Lauren is typically a good person. She does care a lot for real world issues and she’s constantly reading up and trying to educate herself more. She has said some stupid things in the past, but it does not come out of a bad place. She’s not really judgemental, even though she has had her share of shady and petty moments. She does care for people though. She doesn’t strike me as someone who would throw someone else under the bus for her own benefit. She is a genuine person.


Dinah Jane - Dinah is an interesting one. She’s pretty uneducated and is always in your face. She’s generally a nice person, but the fame gets to her head even though she’s really not that famous. Dinah does a lot to fit in and appeal to others. There were times that she would kiss ass to Camila and appeal to her because of her popularity. She also likes thinking she’s Beyonce of the group and tends to act/dress/look like her knowing that her (blind) fans will compare her to Beyonce. Dinah is the type to throw it in people’s faces that she’s famous. Like if she were to drag someone, she would say something like “bitch do you know who I am?” She’s also kind of shady, but overall a decent person (when she ain’t voting for Trump) I guess. 


Normani - Normani is the type to confront a person when she needs to (Camila). She’s pretty real. She’s also like Dinah in the sense that she will throw her fame in someone’s face. I haven’t heard too much about Normani, but she’s overall a nice person. 


Ally - Ally is the most unproblematic out of the entire group, as far as I’m aware. Ally is very sweet from what I’ve been told. She doesn’t do anything worthy of exposing because there’s not much to her or else my sources would have known. 

As you can tell, Camila’s paragraph is the longest because she’s the shadiest and sneakiest one of the group. She has done way more than they ever did to her. 

According to one of my sources, the Fifth Harmony girls have had their share of drugs. I don’t know which kind or how harsh, but I hope they don’t take the cliche route that most celebrities take. Hopefully it’s just weed. 

Let it be known that I do not care for Fifth Harmony. I never stanned them so this post does not come from a place of bias. When bitter 5H stans read my first two posts, they claimed that I was some OT4 stan, whatever that means. Others said that I’m a Camila hater. Let it be known that I don’t hate nor like anyone in Fifth Harmony. They’re irrelevant to me. I just happen to know so many things about what went down in that situation. So don’t think I wrote this post with intention to make anyone look bad. If anyone looks bad, it’s because THEIR ACTIONS are bad. I am writer. I write what I’m told. I will side with who’s right and bash who’s not. I will give credit where it’s due and drag where it’s not. Got it? Hopefully. Don’t? Maybe one day the exposingsmg team will care for your feelings, but it ain’t today. 


I personally think Camila could have handled the situation better by including the group in everything so that they could support her. She should have taken their feelings in consideration. However, she did not do that and like I said, she was the domino in all of this. She started the fallout. I wish them all the best. 

But remember, I’m always watching and I’m always ready to expose!

Hope you guys enjoyed :)






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