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Fifth Harmony EXPOSED Part 3 going up TOMORROW.

Finally. I know I’ve kept you all waiting for this post long enough. 


(Part 1) (Part 2)

We have been proved right on everything we have said on Fifth Harmony so we are back to expose some more. All questions you guys have asked were answered. I screenshotted all your questions and included them in the post to make sure everyone’s questions were got to. 

See you tomorrow :)






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All the times we have been proven right about Fifth Harmony

Islamic countries literally execute gays, pour acid in women's faces for looking at other men, and have extreme laws for petty crime. You don't think there's something alarming about a group of people who's mentality is as such? I know veterans who actually lived amongst these people and the common people regularly told them that they would mistreat and discriminate against Americans who came to visit. And not just for America's corrupt political ways, but for our beliefs and "hedonistic" ways.