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Review of “IT AIN’T ME”

On Thursday, Kygo released a song with Selena Gomez called “It Ain’t Me.” You guys have been asking us about Selena’s new song since it includes lyrics about alcoholism and possibly old Jelena? Here are our thoughts and review.  


The song starts off very peaceful and calm. The beat gives me an aesthetic of the movie Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging. It’s a cute, bright, and bubbly movie that you should all watch. It’s on Netflix. Anyways, the beginning is a very feel good sound. 

This is how I feel like listening to the first verse.


Very bubbly and calm. 

Then the whole beat changes and it goes from this calm-feel-good sound to a bunch of high notes (which I know damn well Selena won’t be singing live) and the beat changes right after “But I know I won’t be home. And you’ll be on your own.”

The chorus is the most obnoxious sound I’ve heard. It sounds like a remix OF A REMIX. It’s beyond messy. Like it doesn’t correlate with the first verse of the song. It goes from a peaceful atmosphere to an EDM song from 2014. 


And if you have the chorus playing while doing something like writing a post like I currently am, it’s an overall headache. 

Then the second verse of the song comes on and it’s pretty short before it hits into the obnoxious chorus once again. The bridge is also very messy and all over the place. 


Then towards the end, the chorus continues and Selena starts saying “ooooo” and then talking over the remixed chorus of a remix. 

Honestly if I were to listen to this song in my car after the first verse, I’d probably crash into a building. And for some people, it will be hard to differentiate the sound of crashing into a building and the chorus of this song playing. 

I wasn’t excited about this song being released because a while ago we were shown a snippet by one of our sources and what we heard was the chorus and you guys now know how much I despise this chorus. I didn’t get a chance to hear the verses till it’s full release. The verses (barely) saved the song.

Overall, I love the verses. However, the chorus and bridge are what make this song repetitive, annoying, and recycled. 


So Selena is one out of 5 writers. Kygo also has writer credits.

As you can tell, it’s a lot of writers so we can’t exactly pinpoint everything Selena says in this song and relate it back to Jelena like her fans were trying. Also, because I personally know Selena barely has a say in writing credits. For the most part, she just changes a couple of lines to get credits. I’m not saying it’s the case in this song, but I’m just saying just because she’s singing about LOVE, a topic that’s very popular, doesn’t mean we all need to relate it back to Jelena. And it wasn’t Beliebers relating it back to Jelena. It was Selenators. Like give your fave some credit and stop relating everything back to Justin especially since those same ones complain about how Selena continues to make headlines for expired Jelena drama. 


I personally find this verse beautiful not only when Selena does sing it because it sounds peaceful, but because the lyrics are also beautiful. And if you’re wondering, which I know you are, this doesn’t really relate back to what was really going on with Jelena when they split up originally in November 2012. Justin wasn’t the one partying or staying out all night. And you know that if you’re a veteran reader. They did stop seeing eye to eye though, hence the breakup.

Interestingly enough, Selena does talk about alcohol/drugs in this song and she sings “I was high enough.” Maybe she’ll finally hint her problems through her lyrics. 


Others use this lyric as proof it’s about Jelena because she says “we were back to seventeen.”

Uh… Justin was seventeen aka a minor. It’s Selena who was an adult and 19 at the time. 


Do I personally think it’s about Jelena? No. Will it be milked that way in the press? Yeah why not. 

Those are my two cents. 

Overall, I give the song a 3 out of 5 stars. You know why; the chorus is atrocious. 






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